New Year, New Me

I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t see the point in them really, you promise to do something and within a month you are back to doing it again! But as 2014 came to an end, I looked back on all the changes I had made about myself during the year. I had quit smoking, started drinking more water and quit drinking Diet Mt. Dew, and I had started standing up for myself. Seeing the improvements these small things had made in my life made me want to make even more changes, make myself even better, strive to be the very best Me I can be!

I chose 3 areas to concentrate on during this New Year. Of course, losing weight always sems to be on everyone’s resolution list. I decided to make a conscious effort to do it this year. I have done it before and I know I can do it again, it just takes setting my mind to it and getting it done. I have decided to go back to the low carb diet instead of counting calories. I love carbs! I miss them! I have lost about 7 pounds since the first of Jan. and my boyfriend is trying to lose weight as well. It’s great having someone dieting with you. Keep you motivated, not tempting you by eating foods you can’t have. I love it! The first few days I was losing a few pounds each day. He usually weighs about 10 pounds less than I do. After losing these pounds, I was very close to his weight. My competitive side took over! It has become my daily challenge to weigh less then him! Yesterday our weights were the same at our morning weigh in! I was thrilled!! I watched what I ate all day and watched all that he ate as well. He had much more than me! But this mornings weigh in was tragic! He lost a pound and I gained 2!! That whole men metabolize differently will get ya everytime! Today, I’ve watched him eat 2 candy bars! I admit I bought the second one for him. I’m not ashamed! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s weigh in brings!

My second resolution was to break up with my phone. I mean for real. It was really bad. I couldn’t even hold a face to face conversation without checking my phone. I’ve done very well with limiting my use and was even able to not charge the phone for 2 days! That was unheard of a few weeks ago. I would usually have to charge it as soon as I got home from work in the evenings. Smart phones are very useful tools, however, it is  so easy to become addicted!

The third and final resolution of the year was to be more kind and thoughtful! Not just smiling at others and saying please and thank you. Deeper than that! True thoughtfulness and kindness. From my heart, wanting to do nice things for those around me. I am making an effort each day to bring happiness to others!

Wish me luck! Happy New Year!