3 Weeks = 21 Days = 504 hours = 30,240 minutes = 1,814,400 seconds……

We’ve known this time was coming. It comes every summer. He has to go away for work for days/weeks at a time. First trip this year is …..yea you guessed it…3 weeks. Longer than any of the trips last year. He’s working during this time, super focused, busy doing what he loves…living out his passion. It’s a good thing. A part of him I would never want to change or take away. I support him in this and want him to teach excellence to all that will listen and learn from him.

Last years trips were very difficult on us both. We were still brand new. Still working out all of our kinks and learning new things about each other everyday. He found it very hard to focus on his work, he was overwhelmed by how much and intensely he missed me. I attempted to stay focused on work and tasks that needed to be complete….but it was so very hard. Lots of tears, were shed, so many “I miss you”‘s were spoken and typed. We knew we just had to be together. Maybe in a weak moment or two there was a “never again” muttered only to be followed by a vow to never ask or expect him to quit. Then those few last minute flights across the country for a short visit when we just couldn’t stand it any longer.

I’ve wondered all year how different this year would be. From one side, we are more secure and set in our relationship now. We are both confident that we are in this for the long run. We should be able to handle an absence with no changes occurring. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder. On the other side..we are used to being together everyday now. He didn’t move in until the end of last summer’s tour. We spend every possible moment we can together. He is my very best friend, my sounding board, my venting post, the only true, complete love I have ever felt on this level.

Yes, I do realize I sound like a spoiled brat who is used to getting her way. I am very grateful that I have this amazing man in y life and that I am lucky enough to wake up beside him almost every morning. I have no doubt  we will survive this summer and many more to follow. The excitement of the adventures to come are tempting a change in my mood. Everything wil work itself out and all will be fine. The 3 weeks will be over and done before we know it. But just for today, I get to be sad and have my pity party for one!!! More to come as the summer tour begins.