It’s a Great Day to be Alive!

I spent the weekend at my Mom’s house in Tennessee. I have been suffering with a bad toothache and it really had  me down. I just do not feel good at all! Can’t wait til Monday for my dentist appointment! Anyway, I warned Mom beforehand that I was in pain and didn’t know what kind of company I would be! While I was in Tennessee, I was able to see my cousin. And wow, what a change of perspective I was given. Here I sat with a toothache, just one simple tooth causing me pain. She has battled stage 3 breast cancer, been through a strong dose of chemotherapy and radiation, had a double mastectomy and is now taking medications to force her to go through early menopause (she’s in her early 30’s) And there she was, out and about with her mother, huge smile on her face, new hair (different color & texture), flowy shirt to hide her new “no boob” status. She has such a positive attitude, it’s mind blowing. 3 young children at home and a husband that is active military. I sat there watching her, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, and almost felt ashamed that I had complained about a tooth. This was the first time I have seen her since hearing about her diagnosis a year ago…and she left me awestruck. She writes a blog about her battle that I follow and has given me a huge insight into the person that she is and that her husband is. They both have an amazing religious faith and they have leaned on it heavily during the past year. She reaches out to other cancer patients and shares her story with them in hopes of helping someone in a similar situation to hers. She is truly an inspiration, I could never imagine receiving a diagnosis similar to hers and can only hope I would be able to handle it with half of the grace she has. I will take my small aches and pains in stride from now on….and make it a point to embrace my life and my health. It’s not a given that everyone has.

On another note, Anton is out of town as well this weekend. I always make it a point to either go out of town or plan extra work on the weekends I know he will be away. It helps to keep me from going crazy missing him. It works….somewhat. I still miss him so very much. And the limited contact there seems to be is a huge drag for me. When I text and it is hours before he responds….sigh… the summer over  yet????


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