Stressful Day!

I’m in a mood! We will see which direction this goes lol! It’s a sad day….#1 I had to take Anton back to work today after 2 wonderful weeks together! Luckily, I will be joining him in just 1 week! #2 I got another speeding ticket today! :O I managed to make it through most of my driving years and could say “I’ve never gotten a ticket” Until a few years ago….I seem to be trying to catch up for all the years I went ticketless! This time I was clueless! I honestly thought I was doing the correct speed limit! Had cruise set and everything! GrRRR!!!! I was as nervous as could be the rest of the ride home! Had a cop pull out behind me and it tore me to pieces until he finally passed me! #3 I have to go back to work in the morning after 6 days off!!! 😦 and to make it all worse…I am short staffed all week and have tons and tons of work to get done! I went in this evening after hours and did a little bit but couldn’t concentrate well enough to do anything major. #4 I have an issue that has me worrying….I am already doing everything I can do to resolve the issue at the moment, lots of sitting and waiting, which I am not good at! I try keeping it out of my mind since  no good can come from the constant worry, but it always seems to creep back up. I feel as if I am in need of a very good cry. One of those ugly face cries. I feel it building up!

On the bright side! We had a wonderful weekend away! We visited my family & Anton’s family. It was an extremely busy, on the go time, but lots of fun! My family proved yet again to be dysfunctional and full of drama! (Uggghh! Thanks guys!) While his family proved to be entertaining, fun, and so easy to be around! I love every second of our time together and I long for it the second we are not together. It’s gonna be a long week! I’m sure I will write more later! xoxo


Random Thoughts

He’s gone again! Two whole weeks this time! Almost over now though. I have buried myself in work the last week and a half to get through the lonliness. It is better than last year, for us both. We are secure in our relationship and our feelings for one another. We are not full of the doubts and wondering and insecurities of last year. It makes it much more manageable. But it is still very hard to be apart. When we are together we are our best selves. When apart, not so much!

My sister and her family are in town this weekend. It has been fun being able to visit. There are times I wished we all lived closer together, and other times I am so thankful that we do not! We are all good in small, short doses. Much longer and things begin getting way too chaotic and out of control.

I have redecorated another classroom at work this weekend! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s reactions tomorrow morning! I still have two more classrooms that need painting and redoing! I will be glad when it is all done and looking fresh and new, if even for a very short period of time! I am physically, and mentally exhausted from all this working I’ve been doing! I can’t wait for it to be over and then I will be whisked away on my trip to Colorado! I may just sleep the entire trip lol!

Well…time to start getting these 4 teenagers up and going so we will be ready for our fun filled bbq eating day! Will write more later. xoxo