A New Day

Well, I was right, the sun did come up this morning and a new day did indeed begin. I spent the morning lying in bed watching youtube clips from a soap opera I haven’t watched in many years. I’m almost all caught up now with my favorite story line! Yup…that was my morning, had me a good ol’ cry when the woman’s dead husband found out who he was and her current fiance broke up with her since her heart was still belonged to the presumed dead/now alive husband. Excited now to see how things work out for them. (I can feel my brain cells dying)

My afternoon I spent at work doing hard physical labor. It felt good to be able to get things accomplished and have myself and mind busy for a few hours. Now I’m home ready to eat my microwaved dinner for 1. After dinner I have paperwork to get done for work…….or perhaps more soap watching ;).

The man I so dearly love has had a very busy day as he said he would. I cherish his one lined quick texts to tell me he misses me and loves me. His busy day will end soon, however, he has already stated how tired he is, which of course I know is true, I’ve watched him work and it is hard work all day long! So, once off work there will be a meeting I’m sure….there’s always a meeting….then he will crash. I absolutely love that he is doing his thing and doing what he loves. This is where he should be, even though I’d much rather he be here with me. Our time apart grows shorter each minute and I can’t wait until we are once again where we should be. We just need to be together…always.

My weight loss journey is going great. Although I would rather it go much quicker, I am a firm believer in slow and steady wins the race! I am feeling so much better physically and feel so much better about myself as well. I am down 24 pounds since March 1st and have at least 30 more pounds to lose. My next mini goal is to lose at least 9 more pounds by the middle of July. Shouldn’t be too difficult!

I’m feeling a musical post featuring my new favorite song is in order for tomorrow. For now I’m off to busy myself with other activities than just sitting and thinking of all the different things I miss about my man. (If you can’t tell…..I really miss our talks….I miss having someone to talk to that will truly listen…..so until he returns I shall use this forum for that!)

Have a good evening all! Anton~~ I love you and I miss you terribly!



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