The Most Happiest Time of the Year??!

The song says this is the most happiest time of the year….but is it really?? By the looks of the posts on my Facebook feed it most definitely isn’t for many people. So many people are missing a loved one this holiday season. Another Facebook friend lost a husband just today, they were expecting their first grandchild in the new year. My feed is covered with sad “Missing You at Christmas” quotes, some missing a parent, others a spouse or child. My heart breaks with each of these losses. I’ve felt that pain not so long ago, and it still remains with me today. This time of year will always remind me of my sweet Daddy. He loved Christmas time, the decorating, the joy, the buying and giving gifts, he loved everything the season had to offer. Christmas has not been the same and will never be again without him. I so wish I could offer words or items to those hurting so badly this year that could ease their pain… but there is nothing that will…only time….and maybe not even that. Scrolling through these posts only make me even more grateful for the blessings I have. Instead of allowing these posts to bring me down I will instead turn my focus to all that I am blessed with.  I have a wonderful son that fills my heart, a great family, and the love of an amazing man. I am grateful that I had my Daddy for as long as I did and cherish each memory I have, also grateful that my son knew his grandfather and had such a strong bond with him. One that can never be broken. He has memories of his Papaw that will never leave him. We are fortunate. The lucky ones. I am absolutely, completely in love with my life and all that I do have. I only wish that others could feel the same happiness I do.