An ending & A beginning

A Look at Our Week 

It’s been a whirlwind, emotional roller coaster kind of week full of celebrations! Our 3 year plan has always been to get through my son’s graduation and then we would move out of Danville. This week my son graduated and our move will be complete in the next few weeks! Cutler has decided to stay in Danville with his Dad for now. He will continue working and hopefully decide on his path very soon.

Oh how I hate when the big red bag gets pulled out from the back of the closet. This big red bag only means one thing! It’s time for summer tour to begin, which means my guy will be leaving! We both left Danville on Sunday and went our separate ways, me back to Mountain City and him to Indiana for move ins. This is always his longest trip for the summer. Two weeks this time! Now I normally do go with him for at least one of those weeks, and it seems funny that this year with no job to report to, we have decided for me to stay home! But we have been so incredibly busy recently! I have more on my calendar for this upcoming week with another trip back to Danville and I am really looking forward to having nothing to do next week! We have left it with if we miss each other too much we can always work out a spur of the moment trip, so we shall see!


The House Hunting Scene

We went out to look at one lot of land this week. It was a 40 acre lot and was in a nice location. Our only issue was with the layout of the land. All of the roadside land was basically straight down a cliff, so working out a driveway and making a path to the house would have been incredibly difficult. My mom asked me this weekend if I thought we’d ever find a place. I had to laugh. I’m sure to some we must appear to be the pickiest home buyer/land buyers ever. We are very cautious and know exactly what we want and we will know it once we find it. And we are patient enough to wait it out! My biggest fear is jumping on something and then the next month something becoming available that will make us regret our decision. So we continue waiting and looking!

Hiking Adventures

On one of our only days in Mountain City this week, we decided to head to the Laurel Falls trail. It had rained for several days prior and my guy was excited to see the falls after several good rainfalls. I am all about being prepared these days so I try to learn how long and what kind of trail we will be doing beforehand. My guy looked through his map and described a 1.7 mile hike to the falls and back, so 3.4 miles total trip. “We will go down a staircase and practically be there.” Sounds great! I decided to wear my new rain boots for this hike. It ended up being a very good decision! The trail was very muddy in some places and lots of deep puddles.

And long … The trail was very long! We went right down that staircase no problem, but no falls in sight just yet. So we continued walking along the trail. And walking and walking and climbing and climbing. During one of my rest stops I expressed my concern that we were going uphill. (I can hike on flat ground for days, the hills are killer though.) I imagined a hike to the falls being mainly downhill on the way there. He assumed we would be hiking up to the top of the falls and then going down once we got there. During another rest stop (There are usually many when going uphill.) we met a group of young hikers coming down. We were at a fork in the trail so my guy asked which route we should take to get to the falls. They looked at me, laying on my rock, face red, guzzling my water, panting and said, “Oh definitely this way, the other way is really muddy and you don’t want to have to go up the stairs we came down. Go up this way and then back down this way too.” Awesome! Great advice. Off we went.

This part of the trail was really tough! Lots of stairs and up hills. But at least I can hear the falls now. There is a steep rock staircase that we must go down to see the falls. Of course I slip and fall on these stairs and immediately state “I’m okay.” so that my guy will stop beating himself up for bringing me on this hike. He normally likes to take me on hikes that he is very familiar with. He likes knowing exactly how difficult it will be and I like knowing how much longer we have. When he doesn’t have this knowledge he worries about me to the extreme. I enjoy our hikes. I always love the end result, whatever the pretty things are I get to see along the way and how great and accomplished I feel when I complete it. During the hike (especially uphill) I may appear to be hating it, but it’s all part of the process and I know I just have to keep challenging and pushing myself to get that awesome feeling at the end.

So finally, we make it to the falls. Well worth the walk! They were beautiful and fully loaded from the rain. After getting our pics and enjoying the view for awhile I state that I’m not going back up the stairs I just came down. We decide to ignore the young hikers advice and go on the lower trail. I got this. We pass another group of young hikers on our way and we both notice they kind of smirk as we walk by. We quickly learned why. Ahead on the trail we see a rock wall with a narrow rock path bordering the water. With the water being so high the trail is even more difficult. My first worry is that my rain boots will be slippery on the rocks. My guy tucks his cell phone into a safe pocket. He checks in to make sure I’m still okay with this path to which I decide scaling a rock wall is much better than climbing up stairs again. So off we go, and it was no problem at all to get across!

Now by this time, my rain boots and all the rocks I’m walking on have done a number on my feet. And I’m feeling horribly out of shape (which I am but it still felt bad to realize it). We finally make it back to the trailhead and the car. I declare ice cream is in order. Well, of course we are in the middle of nowhere USA and there is no ice cream parlor to be found. After several miles and towns we do come across a little country store that’s opened. I’m way too tired to venture out so my guy goes in. And stays forever! When he finally comes out 20 minutes later, he’s with the cashier and says “Good-bye Connie!” as he gets back in the car. He not only knows her name but where she lives as well. I love the South!

Once we make it back home my guy studies the trail maps a little harder and learns we actually hiked a little over 5 miles instead of 3.4. Whew! Now I feel so much better about how beat I am! At least it was from a 5 miler and not a 3 miler!

Traveling Times

On Tuesday my youngest niece graduated from high school. We traveled to Oliver Springs to take part of the festivities. She attends a small high school and had a graduating class of about 66. She will be attending the community college in the fall and then transfer to a four year college to major in Nursing. We are so proud of our beautiful girl!


Thursday another trip to Danville was on the calendar! It was time to prepare for my baby boy’s high school graduation! His school is much larger with a graduating class of over 200. My family came to town to help celebrate his special day! His graduation was on Friday night, but unfortunately we were only allowed 6 tickets to the ceremony. My mom and I went, Cutler’s dad and his sister and Cutler’s godparents.

The ceremony was sad in my opinion. This class had lost 2 students this year. One had just passed away the Monday before graduation. Their seats were marked with their caps and gowns and flowers. I watched her closest friends faces as their names were called to walk across the stage. They smiled for the camera as they shook hands and took their diplomas, but then as they walked down the other side of the stage and back to their seats, you could see the sadness creeping back onto their faces. So sad for this group of young people. My son knew this girl but was not a close friend, but several of his close friends were very close with her. At the beginning of the week when we learned the news I was only thinking about exam scores, final grades and graduation requirements. It forced me to stop in my tracks and just be grateful and thankful that I had my son here with me. Numbers and expectations didn’t seem to matter quite as much after that news came out. I’m happy that these kids were able to push past their broken hearts and enjoy their special moment!

And then it really happened, they really did indeed call out my boy’s name to graduate! And we followed all the rules and they actually gave him his diploma! What a challenge it is getting a boy that hated school to graduation! But we made it! Now it was time to celebrate! We had a party for Cutler & my niece on Saturday night and it was wonderful! So happy my family was able to be here! We were all here except for my brother-in-law who was home dog-sitting.

What’s For Dinner? 

LOL! We weren’t home long enough for many dinners! But I did manage to try out a new recipe for a homemade taco meat in the crockpot. It was definitely a winner with my guy! And easy as can be! ❤


Sappy Selfies

Here are a couple from our FIVE mile hike! ❤ #14DaysTilWeAreTogetherAgain

Have a great week! XOXO


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