Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

A Look at Our Week

My first week without my guy went by rather quickly. Lots of activity to keep my mind busy and to keep my emotions in check. It’s always hard when he leaves every summer. It’s a huge culture shock for me. I go from being his main priority to dropping way down on the list rather quickly as 100 other people jump ahead of me. He’s busy and he’s focused on his work, so I plan projects to keep myself busy as well. He left on Sunday after all of our graduation festivities had ended and I came back to Mountain City. It’s been a great trial run seeing how I handle myself here all alone. So far so good.

I have been filling my time by reading some of my new books and working on my scrapbooks again! I will admit I am 8 years behind on Cutler’s books and I am okay with that! I will catch up! Once I complete his books I will start on my traveling books!


House Hunting Scene

Not too much news to report here! I have just learned today that the neighboring land to the house we are renting is now for sale. It is a portion of this families farm that was willed to the brother’s wife. The price is a little out of range, but we are in love with this area. And I wouldn’t have to say good-bye to my cows and horse! 


Hiking Adventures

I am getting back on track with my diet and exercise. I am always able to focus a little better whenever my guy is away. Tempting nights out are not quite as tempting when you are solo! While I was in Danville I visited the Riverwalk Trail for one last walk before I leave for good. Always so much pretty scenery to look at on the trail.


I have found a new trail I like in Mountain City. The Goose Creek Trail. It is only 2 miles long, and I usually do about 3 miles. So, I take a lap or two around the park after completing the trail to add to my time and distance. I have walked everyday this week! My groove is coming back!

Traveling Times

I went back to Danville on Tuesday to run errands with Cutler and help prepare for his cruise he is taking with his godparents. We had “big boy” errands to run. Opening a savings account, titling his car in his name, changing his address, writing thank you notes and car maintenance. He also had to take a trip to Greensboro, N.C. for a trip to the  Apple store for a phone issue he was having. I attempted to convince him to let me take him but he was set on going on his own. Just another sign that he is indeed growing up on me.

While he was away I worked on taking more items from the apartment to storage and cleaning our apartment. We have one more trip to take to get the last few loads that are going to storage or to my son’s house and then we will be done with our Danville dwelling. We have until July 1st to be out of the apartment, so we have another Danville trip on the calendar once my guy gets home. I came back to Mountain City on Wednesday and prepared for my sister and nieces who were coming to visit for the weekend.

I do not have daughters, but my nieces are close enough to it for me. I love these two as if they were my own. I am so proud of the young women they are becoming! My sister and I had planned a trip to an event in a nearby town, Land of Oz. Now, Wizard of Oz is my absolute, all time favorite movie and I passed that on to my oldest niece. When she was younger she believed she actually was Dorothy Gale and would tell everyone that. The trip was a surprise for her 20th birthday and the girls had no idea they were coming to my house. Just a surprise girl’s trip is all they were told. And they were funny! They didn’t know what to pack, and were too excited to sleep on the 3 hour trip. I got a message from the youngest niece when they were about 30 min away with a video of the scenery. She said, “Where in the world am I?” I was thrilled that they were still excited when they realized they were coming here! There only disappointment was that there was no pool at this hotel.

These city girls loved the cows and horse and loved feeding the horse, Smokey carrots. He is finally getting used to me and will now come up to the fence anytime I go outside! I’m going to have to start growing carrots soon!

On Friday we were off on another surprise trip.  They kept reading signs trying to figure out where they may be going. It was too cute to hear my soon to be 20 year old niece squeal with delight when she saw the first Land of Oz sign! Our day at the park was wonderful and everything we expected! My oldest niece was chosen to be Glinda the Good Witch in the show and did an awesome job! It was a fun day in OZ! I am already planning my next trip!

What’s For Dinner? 

Ummm … frozen dinners for one?!? I miss cooking! But cooking for one is never fun! I am using this time to focus on my diet and get myself back on track. I did stop on the way home on Wednesday at one of my favorite restaurants, Jason’s Deli. They have a fabulous salad bar!


Sappy Selfies

Here are a few selfies from our Girl’s Weekend! Had such a great time with my girls! Y’all come back soon! ❤


Have a great week! XOXO


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