Home Again

A Look At Our Week 

Our first week back together was quite short lol! My mother had minor foot surgery to remove hardware from when she broke her foot about 2 or 3 years ago. I left on Tuesday evening to be there for her surgery on Wednesday and stay through the week to help with her recovery. She is recovering well, much better and quicker than expected! Not a surprise with her, she is determined!

We had decided Mom would try to teach me how to crochet while I was staying with her. That didn’t work out too well. I quickly learned that she definitely knows how to crochet, but is not able to tell someone else how to do it! I decided to stick to my YouTube videos and ask her questions when needed. We enjoyed our time together!

House Hunting Scene

We are still investigating and researching the land that neighbors our rental house. There are a few unanswered questions as far as exact acreage and property lines. I believe after my guy has finished this investigating he could be a real surveyor! The land is not perfect. It is not everything we have ever dreamed of. It is “in a bowl” as my guy says, a valley with everything raised up around you. We prefer being on the top of that valley but we will see where this investigation leads us!


Hiking Adventures

I got my feet on the A.T. this week! We finally found time to go to Grayson Highlands State Park and hike with the wild ponies. It was a cloudy and foggy day so the views were not so great, but the ponies were outstanding! We also saw wild longhorn steer along our way.

On the way back from our hike, we met 2 couples that had stopped on the trail. They warned us that there was an animal blocking the trail ahead. You could see their fear. My guy explained that we had seen the longhorn on our way up the trail in about this same location. These hikers didn’t budge. The woman stated that whatever this animal was had “honked” at them?? The man had a small child strapped to his back, so my chivalrous guy volunteered to take the lead and investigate. I followed confidently behind him. Now, had it been a bear I’m not sure what we would have done! But it was the longhorn as we suspected, actually 2 of them this time. We could hear the man hiking down the trail behind us beating himself up all the way down the trail. “I stopped our hike for a cow. I was terrified of a cow. A cow.” It was funny.

I was able to keep up my walking routine during my stay at Mom’s and even enjoyed one evening walk with my sister. Although I’m not real sure about this power walk thing she does, it was nice to have the time to walk with her. I enjoyed wandering around on my own through the neighborhood as well and figuring out how to get back to Mom’s.



Traveling Times

We are waiting for my son’s work schedule to plan our last moving trip to Danville for this upcoming week. The weather is not cooperating with our moving! Expected record highs this week! Oh well, we will start early and hopefully get it done quickly.

I had planned on going back to my Mom’s this week to help as well, but we have decided that help is not needed. She’s a tough one! So we will stay around here this week and might actually finally have our first full week of being here together.

My son has returned from his Graduation cruise with his godparents. I haven’t gotten the full report of his trip yet, but the parts I have heard about sound like it was a huge success with lots of fun times and new friends made.


We have a fun overnight trip planned for today! We are going to Floyd, VA to listen to a band we enjoy that is playing there. Floyd is an awesome little town with live music playing on every street corner! I love it there.

What’s For Dinner?

Our diet’s have been going well recently. My guy dropped several pounds while he was alone this week. I apparently found those pounds he lost! My Mom attempted to quit smoking after her surgery, so I provided her with a bucket of hard candies & gum to help. That stuff is addictive and hard to pass on!

I had an awesome dinner of sweet and sour chicken over rice waiting for my guy when he returned home from his 2 weeks away at drum corps. And homemade pizzas and no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies (one of his faves) as well. I was able to use my new kitchen scarf my Mom had made for me and I loved it! having towels handy throughout the cooking and cleaning process was most helpful!

My niece had seen a picture I posted months ago of stuffed peppers I had made for dinner. She has requested that I make them for her ever since. I finally had the opportunity this week during Mom’s recovery. They were a big hit with the family!

Sappy Selfies

Here’s one from the A.T.! Time to get ready for Floyd! Have a great week! xoxoxo



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