Expect the Unexpected

A Look At Our Week

Just when we think we will have an ordinary, uneventful week … life happens!  Tuesday evening my Mom had to be taken to the ER due to breathing problems and a high fever. I came down Wednesday morning to be with her. After 3 days in the hospital she is doing much better.

I went home Thursday afternoon and returned on Friday morning. Our family nurse and caretaker of all has left the building! My sister is on vacation with her family and I am staying with Mom until she is better. We joke in our family that we all have a job in the caretaking of Mom. As I said my sister is her nurse and in charge of all things medical, my brother is in charge of her finances and me, I am her nutritionist! I come to town and cook!

When the parent and child roles begin to reverse it is a transition for all involved. My mom is and always has been a strong and independent woman and she’s not going to give any of that up without a fight! I will spare you of my rant on hospitals and insurance issues! I will only say the only thing that should matter is what is best for the patient and what is needed for them and the doctors providing their care should be the ones to make these decisions! (Ok, stepping off soapbox!)

The bright side of this setback is I do believe we have finally convinced Mom that she has to quit smoking! I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to quit! I know how much better I feel since I quit and hope that she has improvements too. I am grateful that I am available to be here to help Mom. With Dad it was so difficult living so far away and always being tied down at work and unable to help out. I cherish my time with my Mom even if she makes me crazy sometimes!

And my guy is coming to visit us tomorrow!! Hate being away from him!

House Hunting Scene

Still not much news here! My guy is still hiking the neighboring land and learning about every angle of it. He has also learned about another lot across the street from our rental house and has plans to start investigating it soon.

Hiking Adventures

Even though I was only home for a short time we still managed to get in a good hike! I discovered this one! On Tuesday we went to Elk Knob State Park Inc todd, N.C. and hiked the Elk Knob Summit Trail. It was 1.9 miles to the summit and definitely worth all that uphill hiking! Even a little rainstorm on the way down didn’t dampen our excitement, it just gave us more to see!

Gardening Update

OMG! I did it! I created something! I dug my hands in the dirt, I planted, I watered and I’ve worried! Oh how I’ve worried! After a few days away from home I went out to check on my plants and my guy pointed out 2 small peppers on the plant. I investigated my tomato plants that I was doubtful were going to make it and I found a small tomato hanging on the vine! I’m such a proud vegetable mama!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXOXO


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