A Week of Recuperation

A Look At Our Week

We had another unplanned week apart this week! 😦 My sister was on vacation with her family so I had planned on spending part of the week with Mom while she recovered from her hospital stay. My brother ended up leaving town for part of the week so I was on duty until my sister returned! Her recovery has been slow this time with ups and downs and good days and bad days.

I took my role as dietician and activities director very seriously! Lots of cooking and eating this week! I dread stepping on that scale when I get home! Mom was quite impressed with my cooking skills as I shared some of our favorite dinners with her. One evening she asked if I had ever fixed shrimp creole, I told her I had not. I knew this was one of her favorites so I hit Pinterest for a recipe and we had shrimp creole one night for dinner. She loved it and was so happy I fixed it!


As far as our activities, when Mom was having a good day I would try to get her out of the house even if just for a drive. We had to keep check on my sisters dogs so that was a daily outing.

Mom is a big movie watcher and we kept the local Redbox in business this week! My brother keeps her a recent movie collection to watch here as well. We watched several based on a true story movies and those are always good and educational. I learned about fighting forest fires, being a horse soldier and stopping a terrorist attack.

I was glad that I was able to be here this week and spend the time with Mom. For the most part we did just fine together! But I have to admit it sure was nice to see my sister today!


What’s for Dinner?

Mom was amused that I took pictures of our dinners every night lol! My guy came to visit for a couple of nights. I had made a batch of his favorite cookies, chocolate chip with peanut butter M&M’s. I think they may be Mom’s favorite now too! We had pork tenderloin with veggie medley while he was here and homemade calzones with tossed salad. He also took us to lunch at a cute little deli down the street!


My brother and brother-in-law joined us for dinner one night for sausages with peppers. When my sisters family came home from vacay I had both my nieces favorite meals ready and waiting for them. The youngest niece loves Ruben casserole. She is always asking for it. I do not like it at all and do not normally fix things I do not like but for her I made an exception! The oldest niece asked for hamburger pie. We were raised on hamburger pie and tuna noodle casserole!  I also had crab cakes that were already on our menu. So we had quite the welcome home buffet!

Hiking Adventures

No hiking for me this week! I did try to walk the neighborhood when I could. Getting out for a little me time each day was good therapy! And I felt a little better about all of the calories we were taking in!

Traveling Times

Next stop: O-H-I-O! We will be spending the 4th Holiday with my guys family and I can’t wait for all of the fun, food and festivities! Then back to Moms to pick up Cutler who will be spending the week at church camp. And then it will once again be time for my guy to return to work! We have realized we have spent more time apart since our move/my retirement than we have together! This needs to change! I’m almost ready to volunteer to work the food truck to be able to go on tour with him! ALMOST!

Crafting Fun

On one of Mom’s good days we went to Hobby Lobby. While pushing Mom up & down aisles we ended up on the cross stitch aisle. Back in my pre-child life I used to cross stitch all the time. I have often doubted that I would be able to do it now with my old lady eyes. But I bought a cheap simple kit to try it out and see how it went. It was something to fill my time at least. I completed my project in the first evening! Maybe choosing a white on white project wasn’t the smartest idea, but I did it! Not perfect by any means, but Mom has it proudly displayed in her living room!


I also worked on teaching myself to crochet while I had so much down time. I purchased an instruction book, but find my YouTube tutorials easier to follow and understand. Mom gave me an assortment of needles and yarn and off I went. It’s tricky, and I do not have the hang of it yet, but I think I can get there with practice and more researching!


Sappy Selfies

Here are a couple from my guys visit! Can’t wait to get life back to normal!

Have a great week! XOXO


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