Happy Birthday America!

A Look At Our Week

We spent most of our week in Ohio with my guys family. We had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends! Our diets and exercise routines were most definitely forgotten about during our days of visiting … and eating and eating and eating! I must stay home and get myself back on track very, very soon!

Gardening Update

On the one day I was actually home this week I was able to check out my new peppers and tomatoes! One tomato plant is not producing at all, I have been worried about this one from the start. The other tomato plant & pepper plant are getting quite full & big!



Traveling Times

Our 4th of July was spent with my guys family. Great food and company and an awesome fireworks display! Oh, and I can’t forget the best mojito I’ve ever tasted mixed by my guys grill master niece! My contribution to the festivities were my red, white & blue cookies!


We also visited a couple of my guys close friends while we were in town. We had lunch with a high school friend and her family at her father’s house. Her father is an incredible cook and we were presents with the most delicious, amazing apple pie I have ever tasted! We heard that there were leftover pies from the 4th in the fridge, and we also shared a slice of sour cherry pie. Amazing! All of his pies are made with fruit from his garden.  And homemade wine as well! We are not big wine drinkers but it was very good! I am now on a mission to perfect my pie baking skills!


Friday’s beautiful 70 degrees forecast caused us to not be able to turn down the opportunity to go to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. This was my first professional sporting event! What a wonderful experience it was! Club seats with an unlimited buffet! (As I mentioned, we ate all week long!) I left with all the appropriate Indians attire, shirt and hat and a very full stomach! And the Indians won! Another great fireworks display followed the game.


Our week long food trip would not have been complete without a stop at Skyline Chili on our way out of Ohio this morning!


And now we are back at my Mom’s to check in on her and pick up my guys car & my son. Mom is finally starting to recover and feel better. Hopefully her improvements will continue! Tomorrow we are back to Mountain City, but only for a few days then I have to send my guy back to the Bluecoats! It’s mind blowing that it is already the second week off July!

Sappy Selfies

Oh, and it was apparently International Kissing Day this week so I will have to share a Kissy pic here as well!


Have a great week!! XOXO


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