Back on Track?

A Look At Our Week

Okay, so apparently this week wasn’t the week that we get back on track with our diet and exercise! It will come though! Our sleep and patterns are a mess too! We are up most nights until 3 or 4 a.m. We’ve been working on fixing that this week as well. We are for beginning to see improvements finally!

Last Saturday evening we went to a local farm to table fundraiser put on by the local Farmer’s Market. The food was very good! We sat with a local pastor and his wife. They had lots of local information to share! He is an avid hiker and plans were made for him and my guy to hike together at some point! We won a basketful of homemade jellies and jams at the silent auction. It was a great evening!

Hiking Adventures

Most of our hiking and walks this week were done solo. With efforts being made to get schedules back on track I will get up in the morning and go do my normal 3 mike walk on the Goose Creek Trail through town. My guy will get up much later and has gone on a couple of hikes at sunset.


We had to go to Boone, N.C. one day this week to have both of our cars repaired. While we were there we walked in their Greenway Trail. It was really nice and was full of people walking, running and riding bikes.

Traveling Times

We took a quick day trip back to Danville this week. Car tags had to be turned in and we brought back another load from storage. We had lunch with Cutler and were brought up to speed on his life. All is going well for him right now. His Dad is recovering well from his second surgery and he returned to work part time.

We also visited Play-n-Pretend and my heart was filled with love and hugs from all my babies. We had dinner with friends at our most favorite place in town! If you were to ask either of us what we missed the most about Danville we would both definitely say Me’s Burgers & Brews! Then a quick stop at DQ on our way back home!

House Hunting News

The summer is over and we are back into house and land hunting! Today we have it set up to see 5 houses in the area. Excited to see one of the houses here in town and there is also a good land option we will be looking at today as well.

There is a house we pass on the way to my families houses that sits way up on the hill in a middle of a pasture. We always point it out when we ride by. It is a very similar design to the house we have picked out to build. Well, it went on the market. When it showed up on our screen, my heart skipped a beat! That was our house, in the perfect location. Well, unfortunately they didn’t design the inside to match our plans! Oh, and the $500,000 price tag didn’t quite match ours either! We are still watching it though! I am convinced that we must be the most pickiest home/land buyers ever!

Whats for Dinner?

Our plans to not eat out this week did not go so well! With 2 trips to Boone for cars and then a trip to Danville it just wasn’t meant to happen! I did manage to cook one night! Baked fish topped with tomatoes and red peppers that I grew myself!!!! I wasn’t a fan of the fish but my guy enjoyed it!


Animal Updates

When we came home from finals the other week I quickly noticed that Smokey, the horse was not in the pasture with the cows when they would come down. Each time I would hear the cows I would check to see if Smokey had returned. I finally got in touch with the guy who owns the animals and he let me know he had sold Smokey! What?!?? That was my pet! I had just bought a fresh bag of carrots for him! The cows are still entertaining but I do miss that horse! This house has lost a bit of its charm now, time to move on!

Sappy Selfies

Here’s a selfie from our dinner the other night! Have a great week! XOXO




Four Years & Forever to Go

A Look At Our Week

Our first week back together has been a busy one! We were waiting for the drum corps season to be over to establish our residency in the state of Tennessee, so that was the first thing on our to do lists this week. Mission accomplished! After 2 visits to the DMV office an hour away (Who knew proving you are you was so difficult!) and a visit to the titling office we both now have a Tennessee drivers license and our cars are registered here as well. I’m excited to choose my cute front tag now that only one tag is required here!

Next weeks list includes taking both our cars in for routine maintenance and mine will need to stay for some more detailed work. Hopefully it will not be too bad or take too long to fix!

Hiking Adventures

We have been on this most destructive path of eating every bad thing in sight this week and totally ignoring any type of routine or structure! I am confident this will change quickly! I blame it on the HOT light at Krispy Kreme! By the way, this is one of the things I have taught my guy as he never knew about hot doughnuts before, so if you ever go by a Krispy Kreme and the red HOT light is illuminated on their sign, you MUST go in and get one! There is something absolutely magical about having a doughnut fresh off the oven conveyor belt!


We did get in a five mile hike this week! We did one of the trails at the Moses Cone Manor in Blowing Rock, NC. Five miles has been the longest hike I’ve done before and the last time we did that distance I was at my lowest weight and used to walking and hiking on a regular basis. Not so much this time! But I did it! I survived and made it to the top! At the top of the mountain there was a fire tower to climb up to get the awesome view. Well, heights aren’t really my thing, but I faced my fears and climbed that tower! Granted once I reached the top I sat on the top step and cling to the railing, I handed my guy my phone and said, “Take a picture to prove I was up here.” And then headed back down! Fear faced?!?

Traveling Times

While we were in Elizabethton at the DMV office we visited their quaint downtown area. The center focus of the town is the covered bridge and a shop owner very proudly told us all about it. So of course we had to go check it out!

Hmmm…wasn’t it just last week I said we had no traveling plans on the calendar?!?? How quickly things change! Next up will probably be a quick day trip back to Danville to turn in car tags! Also, Mom is having to have surgery on her foot yet again. I’m sure if she knew climbing on that table a couple of years ago to fix a light would have caused this much pain and discomfort she might have thought  twice. This time they will be doing a bone fusion to help strengthen her ankle. So time to dig my nurse hat back out! Nursing really isn’t my cup of tea. Bless her heart but I will feed her well!

House Hunting News

We are beginning to focus on our house and land search yet again! We have several that we are planning to drive by today and check out. Not very hopeful about the prospects, but excited to get back into it yet again.

What’s for Dinner?

Despite eating out like crazy, I did manage to prepare a couple of awesome home cooked meals this week! My guy had not tried my shrimp creole recipe I had fixed for my Mom so that was first on the menu!! I made an extra batch and froze it to take to Mom. She really enjoyed it!


Pork tenderloin is one of our favorite go-to meals. We usually get the already seasoned, just throw in the oven kind but I’ve wanted to prepare one from scratch and finally found a good recipe this week. We had Hawian Pineapple Pork Loin. And WOW! It was amazing!! It’s definitely going into our rotation!


Sappy Selfies

Four years ago today after one incredibly difficult summer apart, we decided “We just need to be together.” My guy moved in as soon as finals was over and our forever began. The last four years have been full of transitions and adjustments and changing expectations, but never once for even a second have I ever regretted or doubted the decision to be together. Facing life’s obstacles, drama and stress are so much easier with someone you love beside you helping you and cheering you on. I’m excited to see what the rest of forever has in store for us! Happy Move-a-Versary baby! Thank you for taking a chance and turning your life upside down to come live in my crazy world!



Summer Ends

A Look at Our Week 

Ahhh, finally, at last, we are both home. I can’t think of a scheduled activity we have planned until October. And that is perfectly fine with me! I am so looking forward to just enjoying our mountains for a little while and slowing down life considerably.

We are both ready to get back to our normal routine, well actually, figure out what our normal routine is going to be! We have spent so little time together here that we really do not have a routine just yet! We are ready for some hiking that is definitely on the agenda. Also, establishing residency in the state and transferring over our cars and licenses. But hopefully our longest trip for awhile will be just to the nearest trailhead!

Traveling Times

Another summer of drum corps has came to an end. I had very little time to be involved in the activity this summer, but the last week I spent with the corps was amazing. It never fails, anytime I am around the activity I come away with so many wonderful observations. Lots of questions as well, but mainly observations of just what awesome people these are. I watch quietly from the sidelines and see so very much. I watch kids putting everything they have into their playing. Their strive for excellence leaves me in awe. They acknowledge the impact that the activity has on their lives and appreciate the opportunity they have. I also see the staff giving their hearts and souls to their students. During the shows I found myself switching from watching the show  to watching the staff’s reactions. Their reactions were just as good as the kids faces while they were playing. I watched as they jumped from their seats, cheered and even cried while watching their many hours of hard work come to life on the field.

And this year, I was able to watch as alumni traveled from across the country to cheer their home team to victory. The bond that was made between these people many, many summers ago is still just as strong today. Most of them will tell you that their involvement in drum corps changed their lives for the better and made them the successful people they are today. It’s not something they take very lightly, and I see most of them continuing to give back to the organizations in any way they can.

Drum corps people are a special breed I have learned over the last 5 years. You don’t meet groups of people such as these on a regular basis. The world is a better place with these types of people here and I’m glad I’ve been able to be just a tiny part of such a special overall group. I wish I had some type of musical talent to contribute, but instead I will just keep making sure everyone is hydrated properly! #BlooBrassHydrationCrew

Sappy Selfies

Short blog this week! We are tired and my guy has requested an early bedtime tonight and I will graciously comply! Have a great week! XOXO

All My Bags Are Packed…

A Look at Our Week

Oh wow! It is so hard to believe that summer is over. This crazy, roller coaster ride, whirlwind of a summer is over. I was thinking to myself the other day that when this summer is over I was going to need a vacation and my guy was going to have to take me away for a week or so. Then the more I thought about it, the more I realized I don’t want to go anywhere! My vacation can just be staying home, home, home. Wow! I honestly do not think we have both spent more than 1 full week here together since we moved. I’m ready to lay back and chill and just breathe.

This week has included 2 day trips to VA for me. Trying to help get my son settled in his adult life. It’s hard growing up. It’s hard being 18 and having to be responsible for your own self and actions. It’s even harder being a Mom to an 18 year old and allowing them that space and opportunity to do that growing up. When your Mom instinct is just to pick them up and brush them off and kiss away their boo-boos like you did when they were 2 years old, but instead you have to back off and give them space and allow them to figure out how to make the sting of a scraped knee go away all by themselves. We’ve had several of those life lesson Mom talks lately. I hope something I’ve said sinks in at some point. We shall see. The second trip was completely my fault. I forgot the one thing I was supposed to get out of storage during the first trip! I got plenty of other things just not what was needed!

I’ve finally gotten myself back into a work routine. We will see how it holds up when my guy returns. He’s not a fan of how I have to “check out” while I’m working and give my jobs my complete attention. And I get it, I feel the same way when he’s working on computer programming jobs. We’re needy that way! The transcription jobs I’ve done lately have been very interesting. Makes the time fly by so much quicker when it’s an interesting topic rather than a boring lecture.

Hiking Adventures

I have kept up with my walking routine this week and walked everyday except for one on the Goose Creek Trail that goes through town. Lots of rain and flooding this week! It’s been interesting watching the creek rise and fall. One day parts of the trail were completely flooded and I had to go an alternate route. I’ve done okay with my dieting, and did manage to lose 5 pounds, not the desired goal weight I had wanted to be before finals, but I’ll take it.


Garden Fun 

I’ve left some of my green peppers on the vine. I’ve read that the peppers will change to yellow/orange/red as they ripen. Red peppers are our favorites. I was beginning to wonder if it had to be a certain variety of pepper to do this as mine were still green as could be. But today when I checked them, I am beginning to see a little color change happening!

I also picked 3 tomatoes to take with me on my trip. I will be preparing a sandwich picnic for our lunches each day and plan on using the tomatoes for this. I can’t wait!


Traveling Times

It is finally time for me to join the Bluecoats this summer! I have missed seeing them this summer. How crazy is it that I have had less time this summer to be with them than the summers I was working!?! I have my blue M&M cookies all baked and ready to share with this amazing staff!


My Mom warned me today that I better get with my guy soon because everytime she sees him on Facebook he’s in a picture with some other girl! LOL! My jealousy level is at a 0! I love the girls in his pictures just as much as he does and my only jealousy comes from not being able to be there to see them as well!
I am so excited to see my guy again! It has been too long! (So much has happened since he left, I’m not really even sure when that was?!?!) I will be leaving for Massillon, OH very, very early in the morning. From Massillon we will travel to Indiana and prepare for finals! I do have to make another quick trip to Danville in the middle of the week, but will only have to miss a day of activities! This is always such an exciting week!

Sappy Selfies

Facetime screenshots will have to work for our selfies this week! You work with what you have!

Oh, I could share the pic I received of my guy when he was picked up by a friend. Apparently his matching clothes were at the bottom of the suitcase and he just couldn’t be bothered to dig in there, so a mixture of patterns is what you get! I love him, mis-matched and all! ❤


Have a great week! Go Blooo!  xoxoxoxo