Off to See the Wizard

A Look at Our Week 

The first part of our week was actually quite calm, quiet and normal! After Monday’s holiday, I focused on getting back to my daily routine. Walking each morning and then home to work, scrapbook and clean. My goal is to finish up my son’s scrapbook through his graduation. I am in 2013 right now! Once I am done documenting his life I will begin making scrapbooks from all of my travels and adventures with my guy. I am really enjoying my transcription work and all the different topics I get to listen to (and in my pj’s!). My speed and accuracy have greatly improved since I started and usually average working about 4 or 4 1/2 hours a day.

My guy is settling into his own daily routine. He usually waits until later in the day to go do his hikes and then is home in time for dinner. We seem to have rain in the forecast everyday and this has caused him to postpone many of his planned big hikes. He is hoping to get in a few 20 milers. On those days I will drop him off at the trailhead and pick him up 20 miles down trail much later in the day. Depending on the location of these hikes I will either return home while he hikes or hang out in whatever town he is in. We are both looking forward to these adventures!

House Hunting News 

Yes, we’re still out here looking for land or a house. We talked with someone yesterday who is in the process of building their home near here. They told us it took them around a year before they found their land. This gave me hope. Maybe we are not the most pickiest home/land buyers in the world! Maybe someday we will be able to find something we like!

One of the houses we have wanted to see went pending immediately but is now back on the market. They are having an open house tomorrow. It is in Unicoi, TN. We are planning on going to the open house and doing drive bys at a couple of houses we have seen listed in Erwin, TN. There is also one house, well actually it’s 2 houses on the same lot, that is for sale here in town. We will drive by this one as well and check things out.

Traveling Times

Our weekend started early this week! No wonder I’m so tired with an extra day of adventuring! Friday I took the day off and me and my guy headed to West Jefferson, N.C. He had been on a hike there earlier in the week and knew I would love the downtown area. He was correct! I love little quaint, charming downtown strips with all the different types of shops to browse through! We visited a local Cidery and I know have a new favorite cider! I was also able to sample my first flight of something! I am not a beer drinker, no matter how many my guy tries to get me to try, it’s just not for me. But cider I can do! This cidery uses all locally grown fruits and products in their ciders and it was very good! Try Molly Chomper’s if you ever get the opportunity!


Saturday was our day in OZ! Back in June I went to The Land of OZ with my sister and nieces. It is an old Wizard of OZ theme park that is in Banner Elk, N.C. About an hours drive from here. They only open up now during 2 weekends of the year. The tickets will sell out usually on the same day they are offered for sale. I snagged me and my guy some tickets for their Autumn at OZ show this weekend. What a great day it was! My guy was a real trooper, being sure to take my picture with each character and posing along with me for some. He’s the best! While standing in line I thanked him for coming with me and I mentioned the possibility of a return visit. His reply was, “If you want me to come back, I would.”  I told him most men would not say such things and he said, “Of course they would.” The woman standing in front of us turned around and said, “No, they wouldn’t!” Ahh, that’s why I love him, he spoils me and I spoil him! After our time in OZ we explored the town of Banner Elk, but were not too impressed and found ourselves back in Boone, N.C. for an enormous dinner!

Hiking Adventures

Okay, let’s all keep in mind that it has been several weeks since I stepped foot on a trail. I have been doing my daily walks on a concrete trail in our local park. My normal route has gotten easier for me and I have even added to my distance a little. I was feeling really good about this! And as far as diet, when we are home I am on track 100%, as soon as we leave our driveway, game over! Anyway, Friday while in West Jefferson, N.C. we walked on a trail my guy had done earlier in the week at Mt. Jefferson Park. He was excited to share the trail with me and I was excited to be out in the trees again. Then we started. And wow, my body is out of shape for trails I quickly discovered! It was so hard!

I blame part of my difficulty on the fact that I had not slept very much the night before. I’m been having sleeping issues lately and was not able to sleep but for just a few hours before it was time for us to leave home. So I was tired from the get-go. Also, my shoes were broken! The sole is pulling away from the bottom of the shoe. Then add to those factors the fact that on my normal walk it’s a straight path with only slight hills. No real elevation gain at all. The trail my guy had planned was rather short compared to our normal distances, so he parked at an overlook that was further away from the trailhead, adding on just a little bit of distance to our hike. Well, the hike up the huge hill to get to the next overlook where our trailhead was just about did me in! My guy was ready to go get the car and pick me up before we even started.

Once on the actual trail, I did do much better! Still very tiring and hard, and my body was just tired. I needed a nap desperately! During the hike while assessing my difficulty, I decided I am going to mix up my normal walking routine. Instead of doing the flat surface walk everyday, I am going to mix in a couple of real trails that are nearby that I am very familiar with. Maybe this will help me kick it up a notch.

What’s for Dinner?

On Labor Day we were in the mood for a good burger! Holidays are meant for cooking out! Well, we don’t have a grill! We gave ours away when we moved and have not bought a new one just yet. So our cook out was a cook in! Our burgers with all the fixins’ were delicious! I tried a new recipe on Wednesday night and it has now been moved over to the “Food for Guests” folder in my Pinterest app. So, if you come visit Garlic Tuscan Chicken may be on the menu! This was to die for!


I still have my vegetable soup ingredients ready to go. I was thinking fall was here and it was time for soup! We have our pumpkin spice candle lit, we’ve had pumpkin spice doughnuts and yogurt, but it’s still really warm outside! Come on fall, I’m ready!

Sappy Selfies

Hiking & OZ Selfies! Have a great week and come visit! XOxo



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