Time for a Getaway

A Look At Our Week

Our week was quite normal for a change! I focused on working and trying to reach my weekly goal as well as make up for the weeks I haven’t met my goal. I had some great files to transcribe this week and some not so great ones mixed in as well! I enjoy the many topics that I get to cover and the freedom of working where and when I want to!

I did my walks each day this week and added a trail with hills for two of those days. Staying home helped keep the diet in check although we did have one night out in Boone. I managed to be sensible and had a salad and passed on the amazing looking salted caramel (my fave!) cake they brought around! Of course my guy ended up at Krispy Kreme with the hot light shining! I stayed strong though, with only 1 glazed doughnut and a nibble off of his pumpkin spice and blueberry cake doughnuts. He went back for seconds!

Hiking Adventures

Last Sunday we went to one of our favorite trails that is nearby, Elk Knob. I’ve done it before and completed the trail. I won’t say with “no problem”, but I completed it. Not so much this time! I did manage to complete the hardest parts of it and make it to the halfway point before waving my guy on and promising to be careful on my way back down. I added a trail at the end that is flat with no hills to make up for it! It’s amaizng what a difference 10 pounds can make, but it is huge! Working hard to stay focused to get it off! I do not like feeling this way!

Traveling Times

Friday afternoon just as I was almost to my halfway point of my daily goal of work, my guy came into the room and suggested I take the rest of the day off and we go somewhere! I of course agreed, he even offered to pay me for half a days work, which I assured him wasn’t necessary. While I finished up my current job, he planned our get away. Before he could begin to think about the process of getting ready, I had changed and was packed and standing at the door ready to go!

We went to Asheville, N.C. for the night. There was a big state fair going in that we checked out. I even rode the chair lift from one end of the fair to the other. Opened my eyes for a little bit of the ride too! My guy was impressed with his front rower seat in the chair lift to see the human cannonball. Unfortunately, my eyes were closed during that.

After the fair we went to one of our favorite bars in town, Jack of the Wood. They were having a hurricane party with a mediocre live band.  The next morning we went to the outlets and huge farmers market before heading back home. It was a great quick getaway and just what I needed!

The sky was amazing that evening at the fair. The clouds were beautiful and swirling as we were on the outer bands of Florence.

What’s for Dinner?

Homemade vegetable soup is what’s for dinner! My guy always says my pots of soup are never big enough so this time I loaded up the veggies and cleaned out the fridge. We have had soup all week and still have some left. Love fall weather and homemade soup!


Sappy Selfies

Fair Selfies! Have a great week! Xoxo


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