Time with Mom

A Look At Our Week

Wow! I missed a week of blogging! Mom has kept me pretty busy these last 2 weeks and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! I’m home for the weekend but will return to Mom on Monday.

Mom had surgery, yet again, last Wednesday on her ankle. This time we are trying a bone fusion in hopes of allowing her to walk somewhat pain free. Parts of her ankle bones were removed and the bones screwed together. She will no longer be able to move her foot in an up/down motion but should recover and be able to move pain free with no limp. Over the next 6 to 8 weeks her bones will fuse together as they heal. In order for that to be successful, she has to stay off the foot and that is incredible difficult!


She is using a knee scooter to get around right now, which is causing her knee to swell from the extended use/weight being put on it. Create one problem to correct another! We have tried crutches but she just doesn’t have the strength to move herself very far. Her apartment is just too small/narrow for a wheelchair or scooter. Walkers will not work because she would have to hop on one foot with them and we have learned hopping is not her thing! It’s been an adventurous week and a half as she has created ways that maneuver herself.

I always say mom is not a good patient and I am not a good nurse. We are somehow surviving though. My sister (the good nurse) stops by everyday and will do the things I either didn’t think about doing or mom didn’t mention to me. I feed her and her daughter as a thank you! My brother is staying with her this weekend so I could take a break and come home. I go back Monday and will stay the week again. We are just not confident in leaving her by herself for extended periods of time just yet. She goes back to the doctor Monday for her first re-check.

Caring for your aging parents is hard. Seeing the roles reverse is sad and difficult. She is becoming the child and we are becoming the parents. Her stubbornness in doing exactly what she wants to do despite the consequences and damage she knows it can and will do is so very frustrating. We may not always handle these daily occurrences as we would like to, but we are trying. Trying to do what is best for her and give her whatever she may need just as she has always done for us.

Here in the mountains we do not have cable and do not get any channels with an antenna. That is completely fine with us. I watch  two or three TV shows regularly and will watch them online a week later or binge watch to catch up if needed. Any news we he comes from Facebook or other websites. Well, I have caught up on my TV watching while at moms! Everything from Kathie Lee & Hoda to Ellen to Dr. Phil to Wheel of Fortune! Oh and The Voice too! It is so easy to get sucked into that TV and I have realized I really don’t miss it! The background noise it provides is such a distraction to the other things I’d rather be focused on! It was nice to be able to watch the season premiere of Grey’s with my sister, niece and bro-in- law.

Also, I was able to go to my nephews high school football game. He is a beast and having a great season! Way to go Trey #44!


Hiking Adventures

Well, there has been no hiking for me the past week and a half! No walking either! Lots of ice cream sundaes and milkshakes though! I have promised myself I will do better next week and at least take my daily morning walk!

My guy usually fills the time when I’m away with hiking and last week he did one of the long, hard hikes he has been talking about for awhile. I was nervous!  Being so far away and scared he would slip and fall on one of the rickety ladders he was climbing up,  but he made it, well he completed most of the trail and had the good sense to stop when the trail became wet, slippery and dangerous. He is planning more hikes for this upcoming week.

What’s for Dinner? 

There’s been plenty of cooking going on at moms! Her appetite has definitely not gone away! We have had cubed steak with gravy, pork chops, pork tenderloin, stuffed green peppers, & broccoli cheddar soup. And cookies, she requested Bob’s special chocolate chip/peanut butter M&M’s cookies! But apparently I didn’t take time to take any pictures of any of these! I believe I will take my tomato that is ripe on the vine with me Monday and we will have a tomato sandwich maybe!

Sappy Selfies

Selfie with my mom and bro will have to do for this week! Off to spend the day with my awesome guy! Have a great week! XOXO



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