Week of Visitors

A Look At Our Week

Well, I’ve chased those “wah-wahs” away! My week may not have gone as planned, but I did not let it get me down! I did great sticking to my cleanse diet for the first 2 1/2 days. Then we got word that one of my guy’s friends was coming to town and was going to stay with us for 2 nights. Yay! We love company! But company definitely means all bets are off on the diet, I do not have that kind of will power just yet! Maybe one day!

Our visitor arrived Wednesday evening and left on Friday morning. The visit was very nice! We stayed here Wednesday evening and allowed him a chance to decompress from his drive. Thursday we showed him around town, which of course meant breakfast at Lois’ and took a short hike on the A.T. That night we headed to Boone, N.C. for BBQ & Krispy Kreme!


We have been trying to work out a weekend for my sister & her husband to come visit. Between our schedule & their schedule it has been quite difficult! We realized that we were both free for the weekend so they came up Friday evening and spent the night. We headed back to Boone for dinner and then home for games and beverages. No hiking thanks to the rainy weather.

What’s for Dinner?

Since most of my dinners consisted of only veggies & fruits, I’ll share the big breakfast I fixed Saturday morning for my sis and brother-in-law. I made sausage gravy for the first time! We had eggs, bacon, sausage links, Canadian bacon, hash browns, biscuits, apple butter, sausage gravy, and fresh fruit. I skipped the pancakes I had planned!

Traveling Times

I’m off to moms again in the morning. She has a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully get her cast taken off and be put in a walking boot. We hope she will be back to her mobile self soon! Back home Tuesday evening and then more company coming for the weekend!

Hiking Adventures

Our A.T. hike with our visitor this week was a shortened version of a hike we have done before. The trees and leaves were beautiful during our hike! At least on this hike the funny story involves someone other than myself! Our friend decided to walk straight through the mud instead of scaling the barb wire fence like me and my guy did. He quickly began sinking and lost a shoe in the thick man-eating mud! Never a dull moment when you hike with me!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXO


Turkey Selfies too! From our backyard!



Time For a Change

A Look At Our Week

It has been what we refer to as a “Wah-Wah” week here at our house. My mood has been bleh! Anything my guy has said or done has been wrong, but he just keeps on saying and doing! It’s been one of those weeks where nothing has gone as planned. I blame it on feeling behind with my never ending to-do list. Our daily routine has been flipped upside down one too many times and I am craving normalcy and structure. Diet/weight/exercise are all in the blame box as well! Or my planets and stars are all misaligned in the Universe and need to line back up quickly!

I’m taking control back this week! I’m doing a crazy 7-day diet cleanse type thing starting tomorrow. And whenever I am seriously focused on my diet I stay extremely busy. So it should be a win-win by the end of the week. This 10 pounds I’ve played with all year might be gone and my to-do list all caught up! No plans or activities on our calendars for the next week so let’s do this!

Hiking Adventures

With the crazy week it was we did manage to do a hike together! It was short and easy and on one of my regular trails but it still counts! We were really looking forward to hiking in the fall here. It’s been a bit disappointing so far though! It’s almost as if the leaves skipped changing colors and just died and fell off of the trees. One day I will find time to research why the leaves are different from year to year.

I also did my normal walks and did the same trail mentioned above again solo. Now when I do this trail in the mornings, no one is ever there. Just me! So I enjoy singing while walking this trail. I figure this will also help scare away any animals that may be seeking me out. So, this day I’m doing my Gaga and lost in my thoughts and performance and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a truck parked on the trail just ahead of me. Now, I’m sure they had heard my singing! I quickly turned myself around and headed back the way I had came, quietly this time. I opted for laps around the parking lot to make up for the missed mileage!


Traveling Times

When you find out your niece is going to be in town from Memphis for one day (and this is the first time she’s been home since school started and won’t be back until Christmas!), you make a trip and go see her!

I spent Tuesday morning catching up with Mom while waiting for my girls to show up. We spent the afternoon catching up at Nana’s then went out with my sister’s family for dinner.  Then we had game night and I finally got to play Clue! And I won! It was a great day!

Saturday took us back to Danville for an orchestra concert. We spent the night in a neighboring town and met Cutler for breakfast Sunday morning before returning home.

House Hunting News

Yep! We’re still looking! Everyday! I’m sure this big item on my to-do list is contributing to my “wah-wah”-ness. I try not to get discouraged. My guy explains our situation quite well. We know what we want. We have a very clear picture of the house, land and view that we want. We are in no rush to move. We have a house that is perfectly fine and we are happy there. It makes sense to just wait it out and wait for the right thing to come along. Patience and all that. I know in the long run when one day we are in our ideal house, on our ideal lot, looking out at our ideal view, we’ll be happy we waited instead of settling for “almost”!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! Send positive thoughts our way that we both survive this week if the-focusing!!! (And a week with no Coke Zero?!?!?!?)

Weeks Fly By

A Look At Our Week

I spent last week with Mom again and returned home this past Monday. Mom had 2 doctor appointments last week which made it a very active week! She’s grown tired of my constant presence and is ready for her normal, independent life back! She had good reports from both doctors and is in a hard cast for 4 more weeks then will go to a walking boot. She is managing well, she has every piece of mobility equipment made I believe!

My uncle passed away while I was in town with Mom and we attended the funeral on Sunday. Funerals and death always take me back to when Dad passed away. At times it seems so long ago, but my memory of that last day are so crystal clear and strong as if it happened yesterday. My uncle’s service was beautiful and I sat in awe as my cousin stood and spoke at her Dad’s funeral. Not sure that I would have had that kind of strength, but I have no doubt if my Dad had requested it that I would have given it my best shot.

I returned home on Monday morning and we scheduled a quick date night to see A Star Is Born (go see it if you have not!) before we had to leave town yet again Tuesday morning for a quick day trip to Danville. We caught up with friends and Cutler and had a quick shopping trip at Target before returning home late Tuesday night.


Traveling Times

Friday morning we were back on the road again. Ohio bound this time. Every year my guy performs in Octubafest in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Chagrin Falls is such a charming town. It reminds me of the picturesque towns shown in movies and T.V. shows.

It was great seeing our Ohio friends and family and catching up with everyone!


Animal Happenings

All our cows were taken away this week! 😢 There were 24 female cows that will be used for breeding. They have been sold and will eventually transfer to their new home in Wyoming. I’m sure we looked like the stereotypical city folk as we sat on the front porch and watched in amazement as they loaded the cows onto 2 trailers.

Despite our initial issues, I am going to miss those cows! I have told my guy with all of the animals gone the house has lost a small fraction of its charm and I will be focusing on moving now. The cows owner and caretaker have assured us that, “They’ll be more.” So we will see!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXOXO

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