Let’s Just Stay Home!

A Look At Our Week

Our week included a little more activity than last week! I am worried I could really become this little homebody that never leaves the house though. On Tuesday, my guy went to Sam’s Club in Bristol, TN to restock supplies. He referred to this as a “man trip” (he was getting manly supplies: beer, protein shakes, and taking trash to the dump) but I was invited and encouraged to go. I considered the invitation but the thought of just staying home and doing my thing won out. I said staying home would keep me from eating foods I did not want to eat and spending money I did not want to spend.


I instead made a plan to go to the grocery store, which I quickly talked myself out of.   The next day I had a doctor’s appointment and no excuse to not go out! I have enjoyed my first medical experience in the new town. Everything is done through the small hospital. I haven’t yet figured out where the hospital patients go, but my outpatient experiences were very good.

Thursday we were in Boone, N.C. getting oil changes & tire rotations. Wednesday night I had a little panic attack when I saw snow in our forecast and we had no puzzles to do. We visited the new Hobby Lobby in Boone to restock! We are good for now, 2 new 1,000 piecers!

Travel Times 

Friday we were off to Ohio again to celebrate my guy’s dad’s birthday. It was a fun-filled family weekend. Time spent with family is always a good time.

Animal Antics

I saw deer for the first time in our pasture this week. We see them all over the road and my guy has seen them on the top of the pasture but this was the first time we had seen them so close to the house.


I have also been watching what I assume is the same turkey hanging out in the same spot for multiple days. It seems like every time I look out the door he is there. It’s only one turkey, which is odd since  usually there are more than one traveling together. Not sure what his deal is, but he is able to move and does leave the spot throughout the day.

What’s for Dinner

Lemon, Garlic & Herb Baked Cod with Parmesan Cauliflower was on the menu for Sunday. It was Eh, okay. Will not be going on the normal rotation. The cauliflower was very good though!

Monday & Tuesday we used up all of our leftover veggies from last week with some shrimp. Very good! My guy even tried the mushrooms!

Wednesday & Thursday we had Italian Meatball & Noodle Soup. This was very good! We are big soup eaters and this one is one of the faves.


The diet has been going very well. I am on Day 25 of no sweets and no sodas! Check out what my guy brought home from his Sam’s trip (and I have not had even ONE!)


He was nice enough to send me this picture on his way home.

Puzzle Progress

We finished our new 2,000 piece puzzle. This one was much easier than the last one!


Sappy Selfie

Oops! No selfies this week! I dug back into the archives for this one!

Have a great week! XOXO



A Quiet Week

A Look At Our Week 

We’ve had a rather calm week. We were quite recluse. Monday evening my guy had choir rehearsal in Boone, N.C. I went with him and did our Walmart & grocery shopping while he sang. We did not leave the house again until Friday evening for a quick trip to the store for more lettuce. It was wonderful not having anywhere to be!

I was finally able to work all week, my bank account thanks me. Work has been pretty non-existent since the holidays and is just now slowly starting to pick back up.

Traveling Times

No traveling this week! Our next trip is scheduled for the end of January with a trip to Ohio.

What’s for Dinner?

Staying home all week has made plenty of time for cooking! Our diets are back on track and it is so much easier to eat healthy when we are home!

I fixed a small turkey breast this week and we used it for sandwiches for our lunches all week. It’s amazing that we never think of turkey as an option except for during the holidays.

My guy has been craving a Big Mac. He talks about McDonald’s 2 for $5 special daily. I tried hooking him up by fixing Big Mac salads for dinner one night. He enjoyed it but says he is still going to McD’s.


We also had sheet pan kielbasa & veggies. I found the recipe from the weight loss guru I have been following lately. It was amazing! Green beans, red potatoes, green & red peppers, mushrooms, & broccoli with kielbasa.


Stuffed Peppers was on the menu as well this week. It is one of our favorite meals. We had our “salad bar” out each night to go along with each meal.

Puzzle Progress

We have been productive with our puzzles this week. We completed our cabin puzzle and the second puzzle is one that I bought for my mom for Christmas. She didn’t like it and didn’t hesitate to let me know! It was only 300 pieces, so we had it complete in no time. Snow is in the forecast tomorrow so a new puzzle is already out on the table. We received a new puzzle from a friend this week and it will be the next one up. It’s a 2,000 piece so it should take awhile.

Marvelous Music

We have been geeking out with our music lately. We will be going to hear the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perform my guys favorite composer & piece. He played the piece tonight and although I may not have completely understood most of what he said, I do totally understand his passion for music.

I attempted to get us tickets to the concert in Nashville honoring Loretta Lynn’s 87tb birthday. It’s jam-packed with all the big country singers, but my main reason for wanting to go was to see Loretta. She is my most favorite singer of all time. There was no guarantee that she would perform but I was holding out hope that I would finally have the opportunity to hear her sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. No such luck! I was “in line” for an hour and a half and tickets sold out in the first hour. I did manage to pull 1 ticket in the front row for $2400.

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! Stay warm and safe for those dealing with Winter Storm Harper! XOXO

NOTE: Please pay no attention to the bearded man. It is a part of his mountain man look. It will be gone once I see the first sign of Spring!


Girls Weekend

A Look At Our Week

It has been a week of focusing on our new, healthy lifestyle. Attempting to make small changes a little at a time. Concentrating on diet and eating healthy first. I’ve cut sweets & sodas out since January 1st with no cheating. Sweets have always been my downfall! I’ve learned that having a Coke Zero just makes me crave the sweets even more, so they both had to go! I will add them in as treats later. Slowly adding a regular exercise routine into the plan along with regular walks and hiking. Slow and steady will win this race!

Traveling Times

We arrived home from Ohio late Monday evening after unexpected car trouble extended our trip. I left for my family’s Thursday morning. Spent the afternoon visiting a couple of hospitalized family members and then prepared dinner for the fam. Pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, Mac & cheese & rolls.


Friday afternoon we were off to a Memphis to watch my oldest niece dance. It was a great girls weekend with my sister and nieces! One of the best parts about my move is getting to see them more often!

I will be back here Thursday for another doctor’s appointment with Mom. Still looking for answers with her foot. Yet another surgery is a possibility. Hopefully we will have answers and progress soon.

What’s For Dinner?

The two nights I was home this week we couldn’t decide on one meal to have for both nights, so I prepared a meal each night and my guy was stocked with leftovers while I was away!

I tried out two new recipes I had found and with a little tweaking, they were both amazing! Adding them to the rotation! Mongolian Beef Stir Fry and Shrimp, Tomato, & Spinach in Garlic Butter Sauce.

Puzzle Progress

He did it!! Lonely and sad while missing me this weekend my guy buckled down and spent all day Saturday completing the puzzle! Can’t wait to start a new one when I get home! An easier one this time!


Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! XOXO

On The Road Again

A Look At Our Week

We brought in the New Year nice and calmly! At home!! We debated on going out, but could not find anything that really enticed us to leave the comfort of our couch and pajamas! We streamed the ball drop on YouTube and my guy serenaded the neighborhood with “Auld Lang Syne” on his trombone!


I am ready for a new year and a complete restart! The diet game is strong right now! Hopefully this will be the year I finally take control of my weight! And hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate in a new house! Bring it on 2019!

Hiking Adventures

There was a community hike on New Year’s Day at a local recreation area. We went expecting to perhaps be the only people there. We were wrong! There was about 40 people from all ages and body types that participated. It was a great time and a great hike!


The next day we set off to conquer Gentry Creek Trail. My guy has done this trail before but I never have. It has 15 creek crossings one way, so 30 total. This was my first attempt at crossing a creek! I wore my rain boots to be prepared and used my guy’s hiking poles to help with my balance. The creek was very high on this day which made the creek crossings even more difficult. We turned around after 3 crossings. It is on my personal bucket list to return and complete this trail soon!


House Hunting News

We viewed a house the other day that again had the perfect lot and land, 16 acres, but the house was bleh. We’ve even thought of renovating an existing house to make it what we would want. This house would require way more renovating than we have budgeted and had structural issues that would have to be fixed as well.

After binge watching Fixer Upper all day I’m ready to call in Chip and Joanna to come help us with this house buying process! They would never get us to choose a house in one episode though, they’d have to do a mini-series with us!

Traveling Times

It is a drum corps camp weekend! This means we travel to Ohio and my guy works all weekend while I either chill in the hotel, tour the sites or watch him work his magic. It’s always a fun weekend for me and an exhausting weekend for him.

We cane to Ohio a day early to visit my guy’s dad who just had knee replacement surgery. We had a nice visit and hope that his recovery continues progressing.

Puzzle Progress

I have no picture of our puzzle this week. I could post the same pic from last week though since the progress is the same! I think we may have placed 5 pieces before we left town Thursday! This puzzle may end up taking the rest of the winter to complete.

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! I will be spending this week visiting my family, going to be missing my guy bunches! XOXO