One of those weeks!

A Look At Our Week

It’s been one of those weeks around here … You know the kind, when anything that can go wrong goes wrong. The week started off with me in a wah-wah mood after our house hunting disappointment last week. Then on laundry day (apparently the first one we’ve had in a while: Three loads!) the dryer stops working. I hang our three loads of clothes up on the back porch to dry. During this process I get a sharp pain in my lower back that sticks around for several days. My to do list is much too long for this!

 Busy Hands & Busy Mind

I finished my market bag! One work in progress is complete! I’m still working on the afghan and it is coming along nicely. I also completed a birthday  gift for a family member (picture to come later!)


Gardening Fun

All my seedlings are able to have “outside time” now. They stay out all day and come back inside at night to their ironing board greenhouse. The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing really great, the peppers are a little slow coming along but I have faith.


Well, I spoke too soon! As the week has gone on things have changed! I had the great idea of transplanting my cucumbers into larger containers. They were getting so big on their seedling pots. They have not handled the change well at all. Doing further research after the fact I have learned that they do not do well with transplanting. This is a learning process! I will plant more seeds in the ground when I plant.


Update: They seem to be recovering a little bit now after a few days. We shall see what becomes of them.

We made our first trip to Tractor Supply this week! We were in the market for a cultivator for my garden spot. We had attempted to shop at our local hardware store, but when we asked for a price on a shovel the sales girl disappeared and was never seen again. Off to the big store we went and the customer service was off the  charts! The salesman pulled the cultivator out of the box and gave us a demonstration of how to use it.


I was so excited to use it the next day. Unfortunately, I hurt my back and have not yet felt up to attempting to operate any heavy machinery.

Animal Antics

We have a grand-cow!!! We checked the pasture when we arrived home Sunday and only saw four cows. When I checked the pasture Monday morning there was a baby cow! It must have been snuggled up beside it’s mom earlier. The mother is very protective and doesn’t like it when we come close to the fence. We were able to steal a few photos though.


Cow babies do not come without a little cow drama! Since the birth the cows have been more active and traveling over more of the land now. I keep check for sightings of them throughout the day.

One evening I looked out and the baby was laying down in the field. I kept checking and he continued laying down. Then the mama cow went to the calf and to me it appeared she was trying to get her up and could not. I’m now on constant cow watch with my chair pulled up to the sliding glass door yelling out updates every few minutes to my guy.


It’s beginning to get dark and finally the mama lays down next to her baby. My guy tells me if I’m so worried that I should call the guy who takes care of them. I was tempted to, but hesitated with fear of overreacting. I was convinced the mother was laying there mourning the loss of her calf.

Sure enough the next morning the cows were all gone. They came down to the pasture later in the day and the calf was perfectly fine. I was relieved that all was well and also relieved that I didn’t call the owner and have him come check on his sleeping calf.

What’s For Dinner?

We have a new dinner added to our “Food for Guests” folder! Shrimp Scampi is one of my guy’s favorite meals and I finally made it this week. It was delicious! Be sure to let us know if you have any adverse reactions to shellfish before you visit!


We also had Beef Tips over brown rice and Barbecue Chicken Flatbreads with our at home salad bar. These could easily be added to that “Food for Guests” folder too.


Sappy Selfies

No selfies this week, but this one showed up in my Facebook memories today from 5 years ago. It was our first publicly posted selfie! Have a great week! XOXOXO



Happy Easter!

A Look At Our Week

We packed in as much activity as we could into the past week! House tours, family visits, gardening, visiting a friend in college, crocheting, and a holiday meal! I’m looking forward to a much less active week this week!

Gardening Fun

I have started clearing out the garden spot  on our land. This garden plot has probably not been used in about 20 years. My first chore has been to clear out all of the sticks/vines that are covering the land. Once that is completed I will begin to dig up the grass so that I can till the planting area. My plan is to plant my seedlings around the second week of May, so not much time left for the work to be done. Here is my current before and after picture of my garden clearing process.

While working in the garden the other day as I was walking to the other side, a bird flew out and startled me. A little while later I was reaching down to pull up some wildflowers and realized what the bird was doing … I found her nest hidden in the flowers with several eggs inside. Mama bird was keeping a close watch on my activity from the fence. I backed away and left the flowers as they were. I guess my garden will have one small uncleared patch!


My seedlings are coming along very well. My living room ironing board greenhouse is doing a great job. I now sit the plants outside during the day and bring them in at night.

Busy Hands & Busy Mind

I am still working on two of my works in progress, my market bag and an afghan for my son. I’m really pleased with the afghan. The market bag I am not too sure how it is going to turn out but we shall see.

During our car ride this week I crocheted several hair scrunchies for my nieces, sister and myself. I was quite happy with how they turned out!


House Hunting News

We’ve viewed four properties in the last week. We have began widening our search borders in hopes of finding something. The first two houses were about two hours from here. One was a solar house that really intrugued us. The land and views were beautiful but unfortunately the house was not! Next was a beautiful, spacious house with a huge laundry room and master bedroom. The only downside to the house layout was the size of the kitchen. The lot was small and most of the land was not usable land. Also, it had an uphill driveway that was a bit challenging. In the perfect world we would be able to find the second house on the first house’s land.

Since we had a trip to mom’s planned we decided to see if we could find anything near her area that caught our eye. We looked at two properties during our visit that were about three hours from here and about 45 minutes away from mom’s.

The first property we viewed has 92 acres.  The current homeowner led our tour and gave us a gater ride of the land. She was this cool, barefoot, hippie-like woman who maunevered that gater like a pro up all those hills. Most of the land was wooded with no pasture land. The house needed some cosmetic work and was a little on the small side for our preference but could work. Here’s my guy and our tour guide during our gater ride.


The next property was 28 acres of a mix rolling pastures and woods with great front porch views. The living room/dining room/kitchen area is perfect. Beautiful flooring and the kitchen is the perfect size. A full greenhouse is included and there are several garden spots all ready to go on the property. But – there always has to be a but – there are a few design flaws that concern us about the property. It is on the discussion block and we shall see how it goes from here.

This house hunting  experience has been quite the emotional roller coaster for us both.  I have a very difficult time viewing these properties and not getting attached or getting my hopes up. When things don’t work out for whatever reasons I tend to go into a moody funk for a couple of days to recover. My guy isn’t quite sure how to handle those moody, funky days. I will just be glad when we can finally just be settled and have all of our own things around us and truly begin our new life. I’m sure people wonder if we will ever find a house, I’ve wondered it as well but I am positive that we will.

Animal Adventures

We have cows on our land again! The land owner’s grandson has brought four of his cows to our pasture. Three of the cows are pregnant and one is due any day now. We’re going to have grand-cows! Needless to say the first thing I do each morning is to check the pasture for babies!

Traveling Times

Last Saturday evening we made a trip to Bluefiled, Virginia to attend a choral concert of a friend of ours from Danville. This is her first year attending Bluefield College and we were very excited to see her perform and catch up with her. At first we we were unable to spot her during the concert not realizing she has changed her hair style and color. After the concert we took her out to dinner before we returned home.

We went to visit my family for the Easter holiday from Thursday through Sunday. Mom is continuing to recover well from her latest surgery and is able to walk in regular shoes some.

We had planned on attending a group hike on Friday morning but it had to be cancelled due to stormy weather. I prepared Easter Dinner for the fam on Saturday evening. Thanks to my sissy for giving me full access to her kitchen! Dinner turned out very well despite the fact that I somehow “cooked” the ham for 90 minutes with the stove turned off! We had ham, pork tenderloin, macaroni & cheese, broccoli, glazed carrots, deviled eggs, green beans, tossed salad, potato salad (Thanks, Mom!), fruit kabobs and strawberry cake. Oh, and rolls that were supposed to be in the shape of a bunny but looked more like an unmentionable object instead!

It is always good to catch up with my family and I love being able to cook for everyone. We climbed up the mountain on Sunday morning for a sunrise service.  Such beautiful views of the city below!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! XOXOXO

Happy Birthday!

A Look At Our Week

It’s been a week full of travel and activity! I do have to admit that I did find myself longing to be home, home, home. I am becoming quite the homebody these days!

Traveling Times

We finished up our Ohio visit with a surprise 40th birthday party for my guy’s nephew. The party was lots of fun and of course plenty of good food!


We traveled home on Monday and spent a few days at home before I left again on Thursday for mom’s. Her doctor appointment Thursday afternoon went very well. Her cast is gone and she is walking in her boot with little pain.

We also celebrated my brother’s birthday that evening. My niece had a sleep over with me and Mom Thursday night and I returned home early Friday afternoon.


We will head back to my family on Thursday for a group hike on Friday morning and family Easter celebrations and dinner Saturday.

House Hunting News

We were able to show the house we have been interested in to my guy’s family via his sister’s new T.V. system. My guy put on quite the presentation, pointer and all!


Unfortunately, after meeting with a contractor we learned the construction we wanted to do would put us way over our budget. We are okay with this. There were several things about the house that we did not like. The land was perfect though! We are in the process of setting up two viewings this week with our realtor. Next!

Busy Hands & Busy Minds

For the first time since I started crocheting I have a small stack of unfinished projects. Until now I have always completed one project before starting another. I ran out of yarn for two projects I was working on and had to put them on hold until I could get the needed yarn.

I completed one of those projects last night, a thick baby blanket. I made it because I had the pretty blue yarn. No one in mind yet to receive the blanket. I am also working on my farmer’s market bag. I have the yarn to complete this and should have it done this week.


I had a picture in my mind of the afghan I wanted to make for my son. I could not find a pattern that fit my vision so I am creating my own pattern as I go. We shall see how it turns out.


Next project is to organize my growing yarn collection! It is taking over my corner! A friend had given my mom a large bucket of yarn and she sent me home with a trash bag full! I can’t wait! So many projects floating around in my head!


Since our move I have become a collector of kitchen aprons. My mom has made me several and I am constantly getting new patterns and material for her to make more. Learning to sew is on my things to learn list! We found this awesome material at Hobby Lobby this week! I can’t wait to see the completed apron.


Gardening Fun

My seedlings are coming along great! The tomato seedlings are able to begin spending their days outside in the sun now. The cucumber and pepper seedlings will be joining them very soon!

It is on my weekend to do list to begin preparing and clearing my garden spot.

Sappy Selfies 

Birthday Party Selfie! Have a great week! XOXO


Dehydrated Hiker

A Look At Our Week

We’ve had a busy week around here! Company and traveling were on the agenda. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and we really hated to leave our little mountain oasis this week.

My guy’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit for one night while on their way home from Florida. They came into town late Tuesday afternoon and left Wednesday morning. We fit in a short walk on the A.T. with them Tuesday evening. We had a great time talking, reminiscing and catching up with them. His sister is convinced that 50 degrees is colder in Tennessee than in Ohio!


Hiking Adventures

Saturday we had plans to hike Gentry Falls Trail. This is the 4 mile trail with 15 creek crossings one way. We had attempted to do this trail a couple of months ago and the creeks were too high to cross safely. We packed a picnic to enjoy after our hike and got to it.

Now keep in mind, this whole hiking adventure girl life is still relatively new to me. As a child I was always in the creek and would crawl around the neighborhood in the drainage pipes. But as an adult, crossing a creek by stepping on wet, slippery rocks was somewhat terrifying. My guy is usually very understanding and patient with me, especially when he knows I’m outside of my comfort zone and facing my fears. Note the word usually. During the third creek crossing I made the choice of stepping in the water instead of attempting the pointy, wet, slimy rocks that were positioned too far apart from each other for my comfort. My guy could not understand why I would just choose to get wet instead of stepping on the rocks. My reasoning was that my shoes & socks are fast drying, it was warm out not cold and I’d rather have a wet shoe than a busted head. Made great sense to me!

Anyway, each creek crossing came with more stress it seemed. I had to stop several times to rest (which is a little unusual when not going uphill) and the further we went the worse I was feeling. We finally crossed all 15 creeks and we’re almost at the falls when I hit bottom. I stopped to rest on a rock and felt terrible. I knew I was either going to be sick or pass out or both. My guy had went ahead about 10 feet to get the best view of the falls. Upon hearing my dry heaves and cries he rushed back to me in true knight and shining armor fashion. He made me drink water and rubbed my neck and back as I cried. The only thoughts going through my head were, “How is he going to get me out of here across all those creek crossings.”

I was truly amazed and at how quickly things changed for the better. After drinking half a bottle of water I perked up and immediately began feeling better.  We assume I must have been dehydrated. I had only had a glass of green tea prior to our hike and did not drink water during the hike because I was using hiking poles. Lesson learned!

I made it up to view the beautiful falls and made it back across every creek crossing with no issues (minus one fall on the rocks).  I do believe that turkey sandwich picnic was the best reward ever.


What’s for Dinner?

We had company this week so that means referring to my “Food for Guests” folder on Pinterest. As of now this folder only has one dish to choose from. So, Garlic Tuscan Chicken was on the menu while our guests were visiting. Served with Parmesan asparagus and broccoli chicken rice. I prepared the chicken dish in the crock pot this time instead of on the stovetop.  Unfortunately, no pictures of the amazing meal!

We have enjoyed our turkey sandwiches this week and had sweet potato sticks with them one night.


Traveling Times

Thursday we were off to Ohio to visit with my guy’s family. It was a beautiful drive spent crocheting my market bag and listening to my weight loss podcasts.

Friday was train day! We visited a rail yard in Bellevue, OH with my guy’s dad and his dad’s wife. Unfortunately there was not much activity to watch today. We then went for lunch at a local restaurant that was rich in history. Our last stop was to a huge train store. Row after row of train cars. It was a really cool trip!


Saturday was filled with family time, a little shopping and even more trains! My guy’s dad has an awesome train layout in his basement.


Busy Hands & Busy Minds

Rain was in the forecast for Sunday so we declared it a stay home day. My to do list for the week had been completed so I devoted the day to creativity. I finished Cutler’s Sports scrapbook, made a few more christmas ornaments and crocheted. I still had quite a bit of the pretty pink yarn left from the baby blanket so I made a headband, sandals, and hat with it. I also worked on another baby blanket with some fluffy blue yarn I had bought. I will have to get another skein of yarn to complete the blanket. I have also started working on a market bag.


Sappy Selfies

Dehydrated hiking selfies for the win! The first pic was just before my episode and the second one was once I was feeling better.


Have a a great week! XOXO