One of those weeks!

A Look At Our Week

It’s been one of those weeks around here … You know the kind, when anything that can go wrong goes wrong. The week started off with me in a wah-wah mood after our house hunting disappointment last week. Then on laundry day (apparently the first one we’ve had in a while: Three loads!) the dryer stops working. I hang our three loads of clothes up on the back porch to dry. During this process I get a sharp pain in my lower back that sticks around for several days. My to do list is much too long for this!

 Busy Hands & Busy Mind

I finished my market bag! One work in progress is complete! I’m still working on the afghan and it is coming along nicely. I also completed a birthday  gift for a family member (picture to come later!)


Gardening Fun

All my seedlings are able to have “outside time” now. They stay out all day and come back inside at night to their ironing board greenhouse. The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing really great, the peppers are a little slow coming along but I have faith.


Well, I spoke too soon! As the week has gone on things have changed! I had the great idea of transplanting my cucumbers into larger containers. They were getting so big on their seedling pots. They have not handled the change well at all. Doing further research after the fact I have learned that they do not do well with transplanting. This is a learning process! I will plant more seeds in the ground when I plant.


Update: They seem to be recovering a little bit now after a few days. We shall see what becomes of them.

We made our first trip to Tractor Supply this week! We were in the market for a cultivator for my garden spot. We had attempted to shop at our local hardware store, but when we asked for a price on a shovel the sales girl disappeared and was never seen again. Off to the big store we went and the customer service was off the  charts! The salesman pulled the cultivator out of the box and gave us a demonstration of how to use it.


I was so excited to use it the next day. Unfortunately, I hurt my back and have not yet felt up to attempting to operate any heavy machinery.

Animal Antics

We have a grand-cow!!! We checked the pasture when we arrived home Sunday and only saw four cows. When I checked the pasture Monday morning there was a baby cow! It must have been snuggled up beside it’s mom earlier. The mother is very protective and doesn’t like it when we come close to the fence. We were able to steal a few photos though.


Cow babies do not come without a little cow drama! Since the birth the cows have been more active and traveling over more of the land now. I keep check for sightings of them throughout the day.

One evening I looked out and the baby was laying down in the field. I kept checking and he continued laying down. Then the mama cow went to the calf and to me it appeared she was trying to get her up and could not. I’m now on constant cow watch with my chair pulled up to the sliding glass door yelling out updates every few minutes to my guy.


It’s beginning to get dark and finally the mama lays down next to her baby. My guy tells me if I’m so worried that I should call the guy who takes care of them. I was tempted to, but hesitated with fear of overreacting. I was convinced the mother was laying there mourning the loss of her calf.

Sure enough the next morning the cows were all gone. They came down to the pasture later in the day and the calf was perfectly fine. I was relieved that all was well and also relieved that I didn’t call the owner and have him come check on his sleeping calf.

What’s For Dinner?

We have a new dinner added to our “Food for Guests” folder! Shrimp Scampi is one of my guy’s favorite meals and I finally made it this week. It was delicious! Be sure to let us know if you have any adverse reactions to shellfish before you visit!


We also had Beef Tips over brown rice and Barbecue Chicken Flatbreads with our at home salad bar. These could easily be added to that “Food for Guests” folder too.


Sappy Selfies

No selfies this week, but this one showed up in my Facebook memories today from 5 years ago. It was our first publicly posted selfie! Have a great week! XOXOXO



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