A Week of Culture

A Look At Our Week

We’ve had quite the full week around here! Two sets of visitors, gardening, choral concert, Barter Theatre play, baby birds, baby cow and deer!

I love all the activity and hustle and bustle, but I am looking forward to a low key week as we begin preparing for our three week drum corps trip that is coming up in a couple of weeks.  A lot to do around here to get ready!

Gardening Fun

The garden is ready to go! I am planning on doing my planting in the next few days. I am hoping to get them planted so that I have a couple of weeks to watch over them before we leave town for several weeks for band camp. The cucumbers have recovered well and are looking much better.


I worked with our new cultivator this week and learned that being a FarmHER isn’t always easy! As I was attempting to leave the pasture with the cultivator, I touched my leg with the side of the cultivator and have a nasty burn on my leg. (I’ll spare everyone the pictures!)

I have kept check on my bird’s nest and made sure not to disturb the area while cultivating. The birds have hatched and usually have their little mouths open when I peek in the nest. Mommy bird will watch me from the fence post while I’m in the garden and immediately flies over to check the nest when I leave.


Busy Hands & Busy Mind

Our local craft store celebrated Yarn Day last weekend by having a big yarn sale! Did I need yarn? No! But it was on sale so I at least had to check it out! I did rather well!


I worked on my Christmas ornaments again this week. Finished up two more and have the supplies ready for two other ornaments.


And then this also happened this week. I received my last picture order in the mail of pictures for Cutler’s scrapbook. I am almost finished completing his last scrapbook. It comes with a mix of emotions!


Hiking Adventures

We hiked on our rental property this week. My guy will hike the entire rim of our holler which usually takes him about an hour. I will hike up the hill with him and then usually head back down.



While at the top the other day we heard a noise and watched as a deer came through the trees right in front of us. He stood and stared for a few minutes before turning and running and alerting the rest of the deer family that danger was near.


Traveling Times

We had an unplanned travel day last Sunday. We took the scenic route on our way home from Boone and ended up at the original Mast General Store. I love exploring these stores! The complex had four different stores and if you visited each store you would receive a free moon pie at the end. Well, who can resist free moon pies?!??



Y’all Come Visit

We love company and we had lots this week! Tuesday our friends from Sevierville, TN came to visit and attend my guy’s first choral concert. We had salads and flatbread pizzas for an early dinner before the show and coconut cream pie for dessert. The show was based on songs from The Holocaust and was very powerful and emotional. After the concert we headed to a favorite local hangout for more food and beverages before our friends left town.



The weekend has been company filled as well. Friends from Danville, VA came to spend the weekend with us. We had plans to go to the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA to see the play Madame Buttermilk on Saturday afternoon. They came into town on Friday evening and we went to a local authentic Italian restaurant for dinner.

We had a late breakfast Saturday morning before heading to Abingdon. The play was hilarious and lots of fun. After the show we headed to Boone, NC for dinner and to watch the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, we were seated in a no TV area and had to settle on watching the Derby on a cell phone instead! Mom actually kept us up to date with her texts reporting all of the drama!

We had an earlier breakfast Sunday morning before they headed back to Danville. It was a wonderful weekend!


Somehow we did not get pictures with any of our visitors! We must get better at this!

Animal Antics

Mama cow is still quite protective of her baby and will usually move him away whenever we come around. I did manage to get a couple of good pics of “Junior” the other day!



We recently purchased a pair of binoculars and have enjoyed our close up views of our wildlife from our back porch.


Sappy Selfies

Selfies in front of the Love sign … you can’t get much sappier than that! Have a great week! XOXOXO




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