Happy Mother’s Day

A Look At Our Week

We took in just a little more culture Sunday afternoon. Our local community theatre was putting on a Beverly Hillbillies play and we went to check out the local talent. A step down from our Barter experience, but still very enjoyable, especially when we were encouraged to “Wee-Doggie” after each scene. Who knows one day we may just jump out of our comfort boxes and join in.

Gardening Fun

The garden is planted! My guy came out and helped me with my trellises. He’s a math guy, so it’s all about measurements and calculations with him. With me, it was more about digging in the dirt. But we worked it out and worked together to get the job done.

Now we wait to see where it goes from here! This year is definitely our learning, experimental year. Being out of town for three weeks will be a challenge, but I am feeling positive about it. With all the rain we get on a regular basis and the wetness of the soil fronunderground springs I don’t think watering will be an issue. My biggest worry right now is the critters. We shall see what happens!

Animal Antics

Speaking of critters!! The day I finished my garden planting (before the trellises were installed), after my shower I checked the back door to check in on my hard day’s work. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! 2 mama cows and the baby cow were inside my garden fence!!!! I screamed!!! My guy, in true knight in shining armor fashion took off running with his hiking stick. After a few tense moments (and choice words) he figured out the best strategy to shoo the cows out of the garden. By this time it was dark and I was unable to assess any damages until the next morning. Thankfully, all was well and I only lost two cucumber plants in the shuffle. The picture is blurry and dark, but this moment of heroism needs to be documented.


You might be wandering how the cows were able to gain access to the fenced off garden area, well, that would be the fault of one tired gardener! When I came out of the garden I only closed the gate and did not lock it with the chain. I hadn’t been doing this throughout the entire clearing out process with no issue. During the planting the cows had been very curious watching me from the other side if the fence though and I guess their curiosity got the best of them! As I said earlier, his is a learning year, lesson learned!

My baby birds have flown the nest! I am sure mama bird is happy she doesn’t have to worry about the crazy gardener lady coming around anymore! Happy life, baby birds!


Date Night

We celebrated our gardening success with a mid-week date night! We have been wanting to go to this cool movie theatre I had found in one of our favorite towns to visit, West Jefferson, NC. A tap takeover announcement by our favorite restaurant gave us just the perfect opportunity. Avengers End Game was awesome and so was the couch/recliner movie theatre!! (And my guy reports the beer flight was awesome as well!)

Traveling Times

Friday morning I headed off to Mom’s for a weekend of hustle, bustle and activity! Friday was spent celebrating Mom! We took her shoe shopping to find a good pair of tennis shoes that would help to support her foot/ankle. After many size changes, success was had! Then off for pedicures to make those feet look good!

After a nap for Mom the celebrations continued with dinner and a Steel Magnolias play and the Oak Ridge Playhouse. Wonderful show showcasing the love a mother has for her children!

Saturday was full of prom prep activity with my nephew and niece. It’s amazing how quickly our children grow up and how handsome and beautiful they are.

After prom pics my sister and I headed to Memphis to watch as my oldest niece has try-outs for her senior year on the Memphis dance team. Senior year, what?!?!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXO


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