All Ready to Go!

A Look At Our Week

It has been a week of prepping for our trip to move-ins with drum corps. We leave today for Indiana and will return home the second week in June. I feel like we are packing everything we own but we are ready to start #movinginBLUE.

This weekend was one of our favorite times of the year. Appalachian Trail Days Festival in Damascus, VA. We spent all day there Saturday and took advantage of the events they had scheduled. We separated for the morning to attend different classes. My guy learned how to forage for food on the trail and all about map reading and compasses. I listened to others tell stories of their time on the Trail and how the Trail has changed over the years. I also went to a reenactment of the Trail journey of Grandma Gatewood. What an amazing story! First woman to complete the trail and she was 67 years old!! Man, those Ohio women ARE tough!

We met back up in the afternoon just in time for the hiker parade. It is always cool to see just how many have hiked the trail and to get to meet those that are currently in their through hiking journeys. Of course there was plenty of fair food to be had  as well!

Gardening Fun

I’ve stated several times that this year’s garden attempt is purely a learning experience and experimentation. I’ve known since I first decided to plant the garden that I would have to leave it unattended for three and a a half weeks and what a risk that would be.

Apparently, the critters of some sort have enjoyed my garden already! During my daily visits I noticed it was hard to find the cucumber and pepper plants. I’ve now accepted the fact that it was hard to find them because they are gone. I have a couple of each still planted but the majority are completely gone. Not sure if it’s bunnies, groundhog or crows or something else I don’t even know about. All of the tomato plants are standing and seem to be doing well.

I spent some time weeding my tomato rows the other day in preparation for my trip. It’s so peaceful and relaxing sitting in the middle of my garden (even if most of the plants are MIA!).

Traveling Times

My baby boy turned 19 Friday! This called for a trip to Danville and a long overdue visit with my boy. I do believe he has missed his mama! We were able to meet the new girlfriend over a birthday lunch at Olive Garden complete with birthday cookie cake. I do believe I may have found away to get the boy to come visit more often. When I mentioned baby cows the girlfriend’s face lit up and she said it was her favorite animal. I promised to cook their favorite foods and provide lots of cow viewing opportunities if they would come visit.

After lunch we headed to the mall for some birthday shopping and more catching up. We met friends for dinner at our favorite local restaurant. It was great to walk into the restaurant and be greeted with waves and hugs! After dinner we headed to our storage units to have a visit with our prized possessions stored in two storage units. I promised them that we would all be together some day soon.

Hiking Adventures

We actually did a hike this week! Every time we get back out on a trail I can’t help but wonder why we don’t do this every single day. We went to Linville Falls on a beautiful sunny day. The hike was very touristy and much more populated than we would prefer, but the views and falls were awesome. After we were done with our joint hike my guy took one of the harder trails while I napped in the car. What a life we are living!

Animal Antics

Still no new baby calves, but I noticed the other morning how quickly Junior is growing!


We came home from Danville late Friday evening after it was dark. As we were driving past our pasture I noticed two large white things standing in the pasture. After getting out and investigating we learned we now have two white horses on our property. We haven’t been able to grab a pic yet because we have gotten home late each evening and in the mornings they are further out in the holler. We’re not sure if the cows are still here or if they were moved out when the horses came. Never a dull moment!

Busy Hands & Busy Mind

I did it! I completed my first big project. I wanted to make an orange and white (think UT Vols) afghan for my boy for his Christmas present. I looked for a pattern and could not find one that I liked. I decided it would be easy enough to create my own checkerboard pattern. I worked on it for about a month with smaller projects being worked on at the same time. So happy with my end result.

Sappy Selfies

Time to start packing the car! Have a great week!! XOXO


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