Halfway Point

A Look At Our Week 

Our first half of our move-in tour is done! Heading back to Indiana today to finish the second 11 day leg of our tour. Our first two weeks have been full of wind and rain. Lots of severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Hopefully clear skies will stay with us for the next two weeks.

My guy normally works from after lunch until 9:00 or 10:00 with a break for dinner. I usually go with him and find me a nice shady spot to sit and work and watch. I have to be creative in finding  my spot so that I can work. I have to be behind the band so that I can hear my transcription work and out of the direct sun so that I can see my screen.

We have lunch in our room together each day (yay for turkey sandwiches) and for dinner we either go out and eat big or stay in our room for soup or another sandwich.

I’ve offered to help out with the corps but no takers yet. I manage to keep myself quite busy with working, picture organizing, and crocheting. I also spend a lot of time just watching and listening and have learned a lot. I usually have a list of questions for my guy when his work day is done.

College Walks

Not too much hiking going on these days but I do walk through campus everyday. My guy drives to the rehearsal spot and I meet him there after my walk. The campus is beautiful and I don’t think I’ve done the same walk twice yet. The surrounding neighborhood seems a little sketchy so I tend to stay on campus.

Here are some of my favorite sights from my walks. The lilac bushes blooming smell amazing. I can always smell them before I see them. I love all the statues, clock towers and fountains throughout the campus.

Dorm Life

We have settled into our dorm life and our setup is actually working. My guy’s half of the room is right next to the air unit and stays freezing cold. I’m nice and toasty on the other side of the room! Here’s a peek at our new normal.

Music Madness

Details of this year’s show are top secret! I work really hard to not break any rules so you won’t be seeing or hearing any breaking news from me. I will say it’s a cool show and I love watching from the sidelines as it is all figured out and put together.

Busy Hands & Busy Mind

I have spent a lot of time organizing pictures from the last five years to get me ready to start scrapbooking all of our adventures.

I haven’t crocheted too much but I am working on a project. It’s nothing like I’ve done before and has been a good challenge. Thank goodness I found a good pattern with a tutorial video. It’s a gift so not too many details just yet, I wil include a picture of all of its parts though.


I also hit up the local Hobby Lobby and was thrilled to discover this sign! That yarn room needs to happen!


Traveling Times

We left Indiana Thursday and headed to my mom’s house. I have been helping my sister and nieces plan a surprise 50th birthday party for my brother-in-law. My family has been all about partying this year!

This was my first attempt at catering completely by myself. Mexican Fiesta was the party theme so Taco Bar it was! The party was Friday evening and everything  turned out great!

Sappy Selfies

Selfies & Sunsets! Have a great week!! XOXO

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