The Simple Life

A Look At Our Week

We have had a rather calm, non-eventful week around here. I leave Monday for an undetermined amount of time to help take care of Mom, so this week we focused on just being together. I’ve left the house twice all week, grocery store and a mid-week walk.

Hiking Adventures

No hiking with all the rain we have had. Since we have moved here it seems like it has rained non-stop. We asked a local a few months ago if the rain had been more than normal this year and we were delighted when they agreed that it most definitely has been.

One of my February goals was to walk or hike at least once a week. I figure even in the worst, coldest weather I would be able to find one day a week to get outside. Thursday was that day this week. We stuck to the Goose Creek Trail that goes through town due to the wet conditions on other trails. Even on this trail we ended up having to trek through a portion of thick, sinky mud. It was great to be outside though!


What’s for Dinner?

I almost forgot to get pictures of our meals this week! My guy says it must be because I am getting more used to cooking now and it’s not such an “event”. I managed to snag the missing pics on leftover night. Beef stroganoff, Minestrone Soup and Heart Shaped Pizzas!

Puzzle Progress

We have slowed down a little with our puzzles. It is an expensive hobby! I am going to have to form some type of puzzle swap group to keep this going. We have a 2,000 piece waiting in case there’s another big snow, although that is unlikely. From what we hear from the locals the worst is over and January is usually when the snow comes. We did get one puzzle in this week.


Busy Hands, Busy Minds

Another of My February goals was to work on my sleeping schedule. I fell into the bad habit of entertaining myself with my phone once I came to bed. There were many nights that I would be up for hours before finally going to sleep.

My new routine is that I watch my can’t be missed soap opera every night on my phone when we first come to bed. After my show the phone is put away and I read until I am ready for sleep. I used to read all the time but then found a time when my brain wouldn’t allow me to become lost in a book anymore. I’ve missed my books. I’ve finished two and started a third since the beginning of February. I’ve still had a couple nights of not being able to sleep right away, but most nights I am out rather quickly.


I have needed something else to fill my evenings with since snacking is no longer on the plan. It’s amazing how much eating one does out of boredom instead of actual need or hunger. I have started teaching myself to crochet again in the evenings. It’s fun to learn a new skill and experiment.

My guy and I often refer to the Green Acres theme song to describe our new life, “Goodbye City life!” It just so happens that Green Acres is on Amazon so we have been binge watching episodes in the evenings. I crochet while we watch, he usually naps. My sister asked me just how old I was the other night when she learned I was watching Green Acres & crocheting. I let her know she would surely be jealous of me when I was wearing my new hat!


Sappy Selfies

Here’s a selfie from our walk this week. I sure will miss my guy while I am away! Hopefully he’ll come visit! Have a great week!! XOXO



Road Trip to Bruckner

A Look At Our Week

It’s been a week of celebration in our house! My guy’s birthday was Tuesday! I planned a nice dinner out in Blowing Rock, N.C. to a restaurant we had never visited before. He only knew that we were going out, but no details. It was our first eating out experience in the new year since our new lifestyle. It was very good, a very nice restaurant with a great atmosphere. I also had my first Diet Coke and shared dessert of the new year!

The celebration was not over though! My guy will be the first to tell you that he does not like a big deal made over birthdays (or any holiday, for that matter).  It just so happened that a friend had told him about a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert that just happened to be the weeeknd after his birthday. The concert was of his favorite composer and his favorite piece, Bruckner’s 8th Symphony.  I have heard about Anton Bruckner for 5 years. I was excited to finally get to hear his music played live, and even more excited to watch the excitement of my guy as he watched and listened. The concert was wonderful! Even though classical music is not really my thing, I have developed an appreciation for it and enjoy the experiences.

The Beard

As most of you know, my guy had the crazy idea that he would grow a beard this winter. He claimed it went with his new mountain man lifestyle. He has tried this before, usually when I pick him up after a couple of weeks at drum corps he has a nice scruffy beard growing. I’m not a fan. I will have to admit that this year it did grow on me a little, or it lasted so long that I just finally got used to it.

We did have several good stories around the beard. One was during a trip back from Ohio. We stopped at a Subway/gas station. I went in to order my sub while he pumped gas. When he came in he stopped at the door and looked my way and said, “Do you have any money?” I nodded and he went into the connected store. When I turned around the poor Subway employee had a terrified look on her face and said, “Do you know him? Is he with you?” I laughed, realizing that she must have thought he was some homeless man begging me for money. I claimed him and told her he was harmless.

It happened again when we stopped into the local school board office. My guy wanted to check on becoming a math tutor and was asking what the process involved. The poor women’s facial expressions said it all. They were not quite sure that this was the kind of man they wanted helping their local children. They wrote his name down and I’m sure he’ll be getting a call very soon!

It was a neat experiment just to see how differently you may be perceived just from initial appearance. But nonetheless, I am happy to say the experiment is over! My guy shaved for the Bruckner trip!


Hiking Adventures

We took full advantage of the 60 degree days this week! We walked on the Goose Creek Trail that goes through town, Laurel Creek Trail that is just right outside of town and a small part of The Virginia Creeper Trail, a biking trail that goes from Abingdon, VA to the North Carolina border, southeast of Damascus, VA. It felt great to be outside again! Keep the warmer days coming!

No Water!

While getting ready for our night out Tuesday night our water began acting strange and eventually was completely gone. We have spring water and knew it had been too wet for the spring to have run dry. We alerted the landlord and were told they would check on it the next day. We tossed around the idea of staying in a hotel for the night but decided we would rough it and stay home.

The next morning our landlord’s brother came to check on the spring. My guy was involved in the whole repair process and was excited to learn how everything works. We learned that the cover had came off of the spring and the pipe needed to be blown out and a new cover installed. This was all complete within an hour. We still had to wait the rest of the day for everything to build back up before our house water returned. It was quite the learning adventure!

What’s for Dinner?

With our birthday dinner and road trip there wasn’t much time for cooking. We did fit in another fish dinner, a Parmesan broiled talipia that was very good. Also, we had hamburger patties smothered  with peppers, onions and mushrooms and sweet potatoes. Chicken soft tacos with Spanish rice and chips was on the menu as well!

Puzzle Progress

As I have said before, I use my puzzle working to keep my mind and hands busy so that I am not mindlessly snacking and eating. My guy took a break from the puzzle working this week and I did one all by myself. Proud puzzle moment!


He helped with the next one!


Traveling Times

Our weekend trip to Cincinnati was very nice. We stayed at a hotel overlooking an outdoor ice rink and I enjoyed watching the skaters. Good visit with good friends and a great concert! Lots of great food too, but no trip to Ohio is complete for my guy without a stop at Skyline Chilli!


Next travel plans are going to my mom’s next week to celebrate her birthday and then preparing for yet another surgery. I will spend a couple of weeks there as she recovers.

Sappy Selfies

So happy to have my clean shaven guy back! Have a great week! XOXO


Hello, February!

A Look at Our Week 

We did manage to get out a little more this week. We had about 1-2 inches of snow to fall Tuesday morning and of course with the cold temperatures it has not gone anywhere!


I absolutely love looking outside and seeing this view. During one of our many new house showings this past year, when telling the realtor that we wanted a house with a view, we were told that eventually the view wouldn’t matter, that we wouldn’t even notice it anymore after a few years. I cannot imagine not noticing this beauty every single day. And I honestly hope I never get to the point that I’m not able to stop for just a second and take it all in. This is truly a beautiful place to live.

My lifestyle change with my diet has been going great! January was a great month. I have had no sweets or soda since January 1st! I have new goals in place for February and I’m ready to knock them out! It feels great to finally be back on track and learning how to stay this way.

Traveling Times

I had to make a quick trip to Danville, VA last Monday to pass out W-2s. I took advantage of the opportunity and visited our storage unit. Each trip I bring back a little more stuff. This time since I was alone, I brought back one box of my guy’s stuff for him to go through. I figure maybe I can Marie Kondo him a little at a time. (So far, the box is still sitting where I put it when I got home!)

I also met up with Cutler for lunch and to catch up on his recent trip to Atlanta. Yep, my boy drove all the way to Atlanta by himself. Proud of how he is growing up, but it still makes a Mom’s heart a little sad! (And makes her a nervous wreck.)


Our next trip is to Cincinnati, OH next weekend for a Bruckner concert to celebrate my guy’s birthday.

What’s for Dinner?

This week we had smothered pork chops with corn on the cob, somehow I didn’t get a picture of that meal. They were delicious though! My guy said they were the best pork chops he has ever had!

Just as I was finishing up cooking dinner, we lost power. It seems to be a common occurrence around here in the winter. Luckily, dinner was done so we ate by flashlight!


We we decided to wait 2 hours with no power before we made the decision to go to a hotel. Besides no heat, we also lose our phone service whenever we lose power. At 8:00 we still had no power. We packed up all of our fridge and freezer food into coolers and packed our overnight bags. The car was warming up and we were double checking that everything had been turned off before we left when the power came back on. We’ve lost power a couple times since then but for much shorter periods. We are ready now, at least with the phone situation. We now have battery back-ups for our internet so we can at least have phone service.

I had decided that since this was a stay home week that I would finally try out the brisket I have been wanting to cook. Well, I’ve done a lot of research on this, I thought. I have learned that they carry brisket at Sam’s, so while I was in Danville Monday I went looking. The smallest brisket they had was just over 11 pounds. That’s a lot of meat!! It was huge, I could just picture myself dragging this slab of beef all the way back to TN. I decided to go with the much smaller beef filets that they had. So, the brisket experiment is still on hold!

We had Parmesan asparagus with the beef and it was delicious!!


Puzzle Progress

We have been working puzzles like crazy this year! It is a great way to challenge your brain a little and also keeps me busy so that I am not constantly snacking! We finished our 2 new puzzles this week and made a  trip to the store to stock up on a new batch!

A perfect way way to spend a cold evening,  hot cocoa, a good puzzle and my sweet guy! I am so lucky to have this life!


Sappy Selfies

We did manage to get a selfie this week! (Walmart Selfies count!!) Yeah, I’m not crazy about the beard look either, but I will humor him until Spring comes! Have a great week!! XOXO


Let’s Just Stay Home!

A Look At Our Week

Our week included a little more activity than last week! I am worried I could really become this little homebody that never leaves the house though. On Tuesday, my guy went to Sam’s Club in Bristol, TN to restock supplies. He referred to this as a “man trip” (he was getting manly supplies: beer, protein shakes, and taking trash to the dump) but I was invited and encouraged to go. I considered the invitation but the thought of just staying home and doing my thing won out. I said staying home would keep me from eating foods I did not want to eat and spending money I did not want to spend.


I instead made a plan to go to the grocery store, which I quickly talked myself out of.   The next day I had a doctor’s appointment and no excuse to not go out! I have enjoyed my first medical experience in the new town. Everything is done through the small hospital. I haven’t yet figured out where the hospital patients go, but my outpatient experiences were very good.

Thursday we were in Boone, N.C. getting oil changes & tire rotations. Wednesday night I had a little panic attack when I saw snow in our forecast and we had no puzzles to do. We visited the new Hobby Lobby in Boone to restock! We are good for now, 2 new 1,000 piecers!

Travel Times 

Friday we were off to Ohio again to celebrate my guy’s dad’s birthday. It was a fun-filled family weekend. Time spent with family is always a good time.

Animal Antics

I saw deer for the first time in our pasture this week. We see them all over the road and my guy has seen them on the top of the pasture but this was the first time we had seen them so close to the house.


I have also been watching what I assume is the same turkey hanging out in the same spot for multiple days. It seems like every time I look out the door he is there. It’s only one turkey, which is odd since  usually there are more than one traveling together. Not sure what his deal is, but he is able to move and does leave the spot throughout the day.

What’s for Dinner

Lemon, Garlic & Herb Baked Cod with Parmesan Cauliflower was on the menu for Sunday. It was Eh, okay. Will not be going on the normal rotation. The cauliflower was very good though!

Monday & Tuesday we used up all of our leftover veggies from last week with some shrimp. Very good! My guy even tried the mushrooms!

Wednesday & Thursday we had Italian Meatball & Noodle Soup. This was very good! We are big soup eaters and this one is one of the faves.


The diet has been going very well. I am on Day 25 of no sweets and no sodas! Check out what my guy brought home from his Sam’s trip (and I have not had even ONE!)


He was nice enough to send me this picture on his way home.

Puzzle Progress

We finished our new 2,000 piece puzzle. This one was much easier than the last one!


Sappy Selfie

Oops! No selfies this week! I dug back into the archives for this one!

Have a great week! XOXO


A Quiet Week

A Look At Our Week 

We’ve had a rather calm week. We were quite recluse. Monday evening my guy had choir rehearsal in Boone, N.C. I went with him and did our Walmart & grocery shopping while he sang. We did not leave the house again until Friday evening for a quick trip to the store for more lettuce. It was wonderful not having anywhere to be!

I was finally able to work all week, my bank account thanks me. Work has been pretty non-existent since the holidays and is just now slowly starting to pick back up.

Traveling Times

No traveling this week! Our next trip is scheduled for the end of January with a trip to Ohio.

What’s for Dinner?

Staying home all week has made plenty of time for cooking! Our diets are back on track and it is so much easier to eat healthy when we are home!

I fixed a small turkey breast this week and we used it for sandwiches for our lunches all week. It’s amazing that we never think of turkey as an option except for during the holidays.

My guy has been craving a Big Mac. He talks about McDonald’s 2 for $5 special daily. I tried hooking him up by fixing Big Mac salads for dinner one night. He enjoyed it but says he is still going to McD’s.


We also had sheet pan kielbasa & veggies. I found the recipe from the weight loss guru I have been following lately. It was amazing! Green beans, red potatoes, green & red peppers, mushrooms, & broccoli with kielbasa.


Stuffed Peppers was on the menu as well this week. It is one of our favorite meals. We had our “salad bar” out each night to go along with each meal.

Puzzle Progress

We have been productive with our puzzles this week. We completed our cabin puzzle and the second puzzle is one that I bought for my mom for Christmas. She didn’t like it and didn’t hesitate to let me know! It was only 300 pieces, so we had it complete in no time. Snow is in the forecast tomorrow so a new puzzle is already out on the table. We received a new puzzle from a friend this week and it will be the next one up. It’s a 2,000 piece so it should take awhile.

Marvelous Music

We have been geeking out with our music lately. We will be going to hear the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perform my guys favorite composer & piece. He played the piece tonight and although I may not have completely understood most of what he said, I do totally understand his passion for music.

I attempted to get us tickets to the concert in Nashville honoring Loretta Lynn’s 87tb birthday. It’s jam-packed with all the big country singers, but my main reason for wanting to go was to see Loretta. She is my most favorite singer of all time. There was no guarantee that she would perform but I was holding out hope that I would finally have the opportunity to hear her sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. No such luck! I was “in line” for an hour and a half and tickets sold out in the first hour. I did manage to pull 1 ticket in the front row for $2400.

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! Stay warm and safe for those dealing with Winter Storm Harper! XOXO

NOTE: Please pay no attention to the bearded man. It is a part of his mountain man look. It will be gone once I see the first sign of Spring!


Girls Weekend

A Look At Our Week

It has been a week of focusing on our new, healthy lifestyle. Attempting to make small changes a little at a time. Concentrating on diet and eating healthy first. I’ve cut sweets & sodas out since January 1st with no cheating. Sweets have always been my downfall! I’ve learned that having a Coke Zero just makes me crave the sweets even more, so they both had to go! I will add them in as treats later. Slowly adding a regular exercise routine into the plan along with regular walks and hiking. Slow and steady will win this race!

Traveling Times

We arrived home from Ohio late Monday evening after unexpected car trouble extended our trip. I left for my family’s Thursday morning. Spent the afternoon visiting a couple of hospitalized family members and then prepared dinner for the fam. Pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, Mac & cheese & rolls.


Friday afternoon we were off to a Memphis to watch my oldest niece dance. It was a great girls weekend with my sister and nieces! One of the best parts about my move is getting to see them more often!

I will be back here Thursday for another doctor’s appointment with Mom. Still looking for answers with her foot. Yet another surgery is a possibility. Hopefully we will have answers and progress soon.

What’s For Dinner?

The two nights I was home this week we couldn’t decide on one meal to have for both nights, so I prepared a meal each night and my guy was stocked with leftovers while I was away!

I tried out two new recipes I had found and with a little tweaking, they were both amazing! Adding them to the rotation! Mongolian Beef Stir Fry and Shrimp, Tomato, & Spinach in Garlic Butter Sauce.

Puzzle Progress

He did it!! Lonely and sad while missing me this weekend my guy buckled down and spent all day Saturday completing the puzzle! Can’t wait to start a new one when I get home! An easier one this time!


Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! XOXO

On The Road Again

A Look At Our Week

We brought in the New Year nice and calmly! At home!! We debated on going out, but could not find anything that really enticed us to leave the comfort of our couch and pajamas! We streamed the ball drop on YouTube and my guy serenaded the neighborhood with “Auld Lang Syne” on his trombone!


I am ready for a new year and a complete restart! The diet game is strong right now! Hopefully this will be the year I finally take control of my weight! And hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate in a new house! Bring it on 2019!

Hiking Adventures

There was a community hike on New Year’s Day at a local recreation area. We went expecting to perhaps be the only people there. We were wrong! There was about 40 people from all ages and body types that participated. It was a great time and a great hike!


The next day we set off to conquer Gentry Creek Trail. My guy has done this trail before but I never have. It has 15 creek crossings one way, so 30 total. This was my first attempt at crossing a creek! I wore my rain boots to be prepared and used my guy’s hiking poles to help with my balance. The creek was very high on this day which made the creek crossings even more difficult. We turned around after 3 crossings. It is on my personal bucket list to return and complete this trail soon!


House Hunting News

We viewed a house the other day that again had the perfect lot and land, 16 acres, but the house was bleh. We’ve even thought of renovating an existing house to make it what we would want. This house would require way more renovating than we have budgeted and had structural issues that would have to be fixed as well.

After binge watching Fixer Upper all day I’m ready to call in Chip and Joanna to come help us with this house buying process! They would never get us to choose a house in one episode though, they’d have to do a mini-series with us!

Traveling Times

It is a drum corps camp weekend! This means we travel to Ohio and my guy works all weekend while I either chill in the hotel, tour the sites or watch him work his magic. It’s always a fun weekend for me and an exhausting weekend for him.

We cane to Ohio a day early to visit my guy’s dad who just had knee replacement surgery. We had a nice visit and hope that his recovery continues progressing.

Puzzle Progress

I have no picture of our puzzle this week. I could post the same pic from last week though since the progress is the same! I think we may have placed 5 pieces before we left town Thursday! This puzzle may end up taking the rest of the winter to complete.

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! I will be spending this week visiting my family, going to be missing my guy bunches! XOXO

Santa is Finally Done!

A Look At Our Week

I feel like we have been Christmas-ing forever! We are finally done! Ohio Family: check, Tennessee family: check, and finally today Virginia Family: check!

Cutler has been working so much, overtime almost every week that we were finally able to squeeze in some time for Christmas. He came down early this afternoon and will leave early in the morning to make it home in time for his shift. It’s been great having both my boys here! (Even if they did eat all the mac and cheese before dinner and a pitcher of sweet tea!)

Traveling Times 

No stopping in sight in the near future! After leaving Ohio on Christmas Eve we stopped for the night in London, Kentucky. It was great to have a little down time after such a busy week. We chilled in the hotel room and watched Christmas movies. Introduced my guy to A Christmas Story!

Christmas morning we headed to Gatlinburg, TN for Christmas with my family. The hotel dinner buffet was perfect! Then presents for Mom and game time! Later the girls took a trip to see the Christmas lights and were thrilled to find a McDonald’s open!

We spent the next day with my sister and her family seeing the nearby sights and shopping. We met up with some close friends that live in the area before heading home.

It all starts up again this week! Back to Ohio for a post-surgery visit then on to drum corps camp weekend. Then I’m back to Mom’s for another doctor’s appointment that will hopefully give us some answers! Then off to watch my girl dance in Memphis!

Hiking Adventures 

Hmm, well, we talked about going hiking this week! We even made plans to go do a trail with lots of creek crossings since we’ve had so much rain recently. A night of no sleep for me changed those plans though. We will be getting back in the grove very soon! Gonna be fit and fine in 2000, 1-9!

House Hunting News 

I’ve had my week of pouting and I am mentally ready to move on with the process now. What’s meant to be will be! We have looked at listings this week and found one or two things that sparked our interest. Ideally, we’d like to find a house already built. The stress of building and decision making is not very appealing to either of us! Fingers crossed something will come along soon.

What’s for Dinner?

Christmas Dinner with my picky-eating child had to include chicken! Chicken Parmesan, macaroni and cheese, green beans and “Faux Granny” rolls with sweet tea! We are headed to a local restaurant later for our cinnamon roll dessert!

Puzzle Progress

Slow and steady wins the race they say! I really hope when I return from my trip to Mom’s next week that my guy has this thing finished! We have debated on if we will frame this one once complete. We have framed a few that were special to us. This one really isn’t special, other than it’s taking forever to work! So, it will probably not have a spot on the wall of fame!


Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! Happy New Year! Let’s all try to focus on the positives we have in our lives in this new year! XOXO

Onward We Will Go

A Look At Our Week

It’s been a week full of Christmas prepping! The big event is upon us, ready or not! The cookies have all been baked and decorated. Presents purchased and wrapped. We are as ready as we are going to be!

My sweet Daddy loved Christmas more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Christmas has just not been the same since he’s been gone and I’m not sure it ever will be. I miss him all year long, but most especially during this time of year. Enjoy your time with the ones that you love and know the memories you are making will be cherished forever.

Unfortunately, we will not be having our Christmas with Cutler until after the big day. We had plans to celebrate after my sister and brother-in-laws anniversary party, but a huge snow storm made it impossible for Cutler to attend. So, we have plans for him to come visit right after Christmas.

Hiking Adventures

We did our first hike in the snow this week! We went to Elk Knob State Park, a hike we have done several times before and that usually kicks my butt! The trail was completely covered in snow and there were several spots that were pretty difficult to cross. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike! And yes, it did kick my butt once again, but I was pleased to make it halfway up since the snow only made it even more difficult!

Puzzle Progress

Our 2,000 piece puzzle is still on the table! It seems like we work on it for hours and nothing moves! Slowly but surely we are making progress though! (See those green trees … I worked those!)


House Hunting News

Please know that I am trying very hard to prevent this from becoming one of those “Wa-Wa” posts! For the last six weeks we have been working with a land owner on purchasing the 20 acre lot he has for sale. We decided that we would not be going “public” about this land until papers had been signed. I have learned throughout our home buying experiences to not allow myself to get too excited until everything is finalized. I have also learned that is just not possible!

Today we determined that we were not able to come to an agreement with an offer and laid out our final offer and it was rejected. I was prepared for it and knew it was a possibility when we discussed the seller’s counter offer last night. I 100% stand by our decision and believe it was the right one to make. But wow, it has been quite the blow and a very hard pill to swallow! When we first found the land, things were falling into place so quickly and easily that I just knew this was going to be the one .

We will lick our wounds for awhile and recover and move onward on this journey. They say things happen for a reason so I just have to believe there’s a reason this didn’t work out for us.

Traveling Times 

We are in Ohio celebrating the Holiday with my guy’s family. We are here until Christmas Eve and then we will make our way to Gatlinburg, TN to celebrate with my family on Christmas Day.

So far our time here has been spent seeing and catching up with some of my guy’s friends. Always a fun time! The family gathering will be tomorrow and we are really looking forward to a little Christmas Cheer!

What’s Cooking?

I have been spiraling down this endless cycle of trying to prevent wasting food! For example, the pie crusts I use for my pumpkin pies comes in a 2-pack. So when I purchased a pack for Thanksgiving Dinner, I had a crust leftover. My guy requested another pumpkin pie, problem solved! Then, my niece let me know that she was away at college for Thanksgiving and didn’t have any pumpkin pie. So I made her one to take back to school after my sister’s party. Now I had another leftover crust! We discussed what kind of pie I should experiment with making and decided on coconut cream pie. Experiment successful and all the pie crusts were used! Win-Win!

Sappy Selfies

Thank you for reading my rambles and I hope that each of you have a wonderful Christmas! XOXO

Cue Dumb Dog Song

A Look At Our Week

Well, we wanted to get snowed in and snowed in we got! We did not leave the house from Saturday night until Thursday afternoon. We had about 14 inches of snow. It was beautiful! We enjoyed three batches of soup, cookies & party leftovers to get us through!

I was quite impressed with the snow removal here. We could have gotten out on Tuesday but we really had no need. Our road was scraped clean, of course we had the nice mountain of snow blocking our driveway to clear but the snow removal is definitely much more efficient here.

Animal Antics

I’ve often said my life should be a musical with it’s own soundtrack. Well, if that were true this week the director would definitely cue up the “Dumb Dog” song from Annie. We’ve known that there were dogs on our street, we’ve seen them as we’ve walked and driven up the road. Once you pass our house you begin to run into what we call “Deliverance”. Apparently in Deliverance dogs (and chickens) roam free.

We have not seen a dog on our property until this week. We have had three come visit this week. I’m not sure if we are suddenly seeing them because the cows are gone or if it’s the weather. The other night I happened to look out the window and see two dogs coming across the pasture. I made a comment about them and went back to what I was doing. A little while later we heard an insistent barking from the pasture behind the house. We both became convinced that the barking dog was in some type of distress and needed our assistance. Then the second dog came into view as if he was coming to get help, true Lassie fashion. Keep in mind we still had several inches of snow on the ground but that wouldn’t stop my guy from his rescue mission.

I was ready and had his back, as I waited inside the house with the sliding door cracked. He quickly found the barking dog and returned to inform me that the dog was 100% fine. He was not hurt or trapped. He had apparently ran something up a tree and would not stop barking or leave his post. He stood there barking for over an hour before he finally gave up. We did not see the dogs the next morning.

Then tonight, my guy is working on our puzzle and hears something on the back porch. He looks up and there is yet another dog at the sliding door. These dogs are pets, not strays. They are well fed and have collars. He left the back porch after a few minutes and it was a little later that we heard a noise from the front porch and he was now at the front door. I checked later in the night and he was sleeping curled up in the corner of the porch.

At 5:30 a.m. I guess he decided it was time to howl at the moon. My guy keeps reminding me he has a home. He’s checked the temperature and assured me it’s not that cold outside. We do not need and/or want a pet! We both agree on this. We are not here enough to care for a pet and do not want the worry of a pet. So for now I’ll just lay hear and listen to the howling while performing my “Dumb Dog” scene from Annie.

Here is my guy heading out into the snow on his dog rescuing mission:


And I will save my guy the trouble of searching for the Dumb Dog song. Annie is on the list of must-see movies that he has not seen …yet!

Traveling Times

Our Christmas travels begin this week! We leave for Ohio on Thursday to celebrate with my guy’s family. From there we will meet up with my family in Gatlinburg, TN. on Christmas Day. Looking forward to all of the fun-filled festivities and to getting back home and focusing on the diet!

What’s for Dinner?

Soup! All week long! I came home last weekend with lots of leftovers from the anniversary party. I tried to use as much of the leftovers as I could with little waste.  I had lots of broccoli and shredded cheese left over so I made two batches of broccoli cheese soup. I made a vegetable beef soup with the leftover veggies. I also made two batches of sausage balls that I froze for a later time. I did pretty good using everything up! I ended up having to throw away some of the fruit, but I had brought a lot home.


Puzzle Progress

We have been saving this 2,000 piece puzzle for about a year now. We’ve been waiting for the perfect snowed in opportunity to bring it out. We started it last Sunday and it is incredibly difficult. I am convinced that the pieces are multiplying! I have a feeling it will be out for quite awhile.


Here is our progress after one week, grass, trees, sky and mountains are the only thing left!


Sappy Selfies

I convinced my guy that we needed to go to the local presentation of a Living Christmas Tree. He reluctantly agreed, but not without letting me know he was skeptical about the quality of the performance. And wouldn’t you know it? He was right! (But it was still a fun, festive evening!)

Have a great week! XOXO