A Look At Our Week

Finally! The blog I have been waiting to write! About a year ago my nieces came to me and asked me to help them plan a surprise 25th anniversary party for their parents, my sister and brother-in-law. For the last six months party planning has been in full swing! Each trip to my moms has been spent crafting, planning, picture hunting and video making.

Saturday afternoon was the party and some way, some how we managed to keep it a surprise! Everything went just as planned with the party and it was definitely a huge success!

My sister is the one who is always doing for others, whether it’s something for her kids or something for my mom, she’s the one we can always count on to be there. Her husband is right there with her doing whatever needs to be done.  It sure feels good to be able to do something for them for a change!

Traveling Times

Our travels began Wednesday. We met friends in Johnson City, TN for lunch at our most favorite bbq restaurant. Great food and great friends are the perfect mix! After lunch I headed to my moms to begin party prepping! My guy visited a few local stores before returning home. The original plan was that Cutler would meet him at our house on Friday and they would travel together to the party. Apparently Mother Nature had different plans! After a few checks of the forecast I quickly decided it was best for the boy to stay at home!

This meant my guy could come join me earlier than planned, we really do not do well when we’re apart! He came up Thursday evening. We could not let my sister know we were in town so we stayed with my Aunt on her beautiful farm.

Thursday and Friday were spent prepping food for the party. My aunt and her 2 friends catered my sisters wedding 25 years ago and when my aunt heard about the anniversary party she offered to help cater it again. She is amazing! My hero! She totally wore me out and never stops!  I could sit and watch her and learn from her all day long.

Wintery Weather

When we left home Wednesday afternoon we had about an inch of snow on the ground. Snow means soups and puzzles around here! We are stocked up and ready for our big snow that is falling now! 2 puzzles (1,000 pieces & 2,000 pieces) and 2 soups! And tons of party leftovers! We are ready to eat ourselves through this snowstorm!

Sappy Selfies

Another week with no selfies of me and my guy! He was such a trooper through all of this party planning, dramas and party day. He was my go-to guy today. Whatever I needed he was there to help! Thanks for being my guy! He found a cute friend at my aunts house … I can’t decide who is the cutest!


And a few family pics:

Have a great week! XOXOXO


Hello December

A Look At Our Week

Wait! Where did November go? Where did Fall go? I had big plans! It is truly amazing how quickly time passes by!

Another activity filled week here! We had our first small snow! I came home from my mom’s on Tuesday evening to find everything covered with a thin layer of snow. It was absolutely gorgeous! Driving up our hilly street proved to be a little challenging but I made it!

Hiking Adventures

We managed a couple of walks this week! It was great to get back outside even if I am completely out of shape! Got to get back on track at some point!

Our first walk was in Damascus, VA on the Virginia Creeper Trail. The trail is part of the AT and used frequently by bikers. Traffic was light on the day of our walk. After our walk we had dinner at a newer restaurant we like in Damascus.

During dinner we decided since we were so close to Abington & Bristol that we should make a day of it and do a little shopping while we were out. We ended up in Bristol. We love walking around malls, but sadly they are becoming hard to find. We ended up at The Pinnacle, an outdoor shopping area.

For those that know my guy, you know he doesn’t get into the Christmas fuss at all! He makes valid points and I get them and have began to see things a little differently. It shouldn’t just be one day that you do for others and are joyful, etc. That should come everyday! I’ve also rubbed off on him just a little, when he buys me something around the holidays now he is always sure to smile as he says, “Merry Christmas!”. The first few years it was a low grumble but this year it was loud and clear and almost joyous. New hiking shoes for me! Can’t wait to try them out!


This morning we woke up to sunny, clear skies and temps in the low 60s. We had originally planned on today being a much needed stay-home day, but there was no keeping my guy inside and I happily joined him. We headed to West Jefferson, NC to do a trail we have done before in a state park there. You hike up to Luther Rock and have a seat on this huge rock and suddenly the world changes. Such peace as you watch the world from this vantage point. It’s a perfect thinking spot. I need one in my backyard!

After our hike we hung out in downtown West Jefferson and did a little shopping and had dinner.

What’s for Dinner?

Soup, of course! Snow on the ground always means a good pot of soup & a new jigsaw puzzle! This time it was Tomato Vegetable and it was delicious! My guy also requested another pumpkin pie so we had that as well!

I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. I usually have a couple of items I want to play around with in the back of my mind and just wait for the perfect opportunity to try them out. Right now beef brisket is at the top of the list. I’ve educated myself about it quite a bit and have a recipe all ready to try out. The first challenge has been actually finding it in a grocery store. While we were in West Jefferson today we went to an Ingles grocery store that advertises a large meat market. Sure enough they had my beef brisket! We didn’t get it yet, I’m still researching! It is a very expensive cut of meat and lots of it. I want to have my plan ready before beginning this experiment!

Musical Mayhem

One of the few Holdiay activities my guy looks forward to is TubaChristmas! These are usually large gatherings of low brass players that get together in a public place and play Christmas Carols. We found a TubaChristmas scheduled in Boone, NC this week and with euphonium in tow off we went!

There is always a registration and rehearsal time scheduled before the actual performance. This was shopping time in downtown Boone for me! There are several shops on the main strip that I could spend hours walking through. We met for dinner at our favorite craft beer/wood fired pizza place before the show.

As it turned out, the performance was scheduled on the same night as the college band concert, so attendance at TubaChristmas was quite limited. Four players, which made the perfect low brass quartet and they sounded great! Oh, and my guy had quickly traded his euphonium for the chance to play the conductor’s big, special sounding  tuba!

Sappy Selfies

Here’s to another busy, fun-filled week! I wouldn’t trade this crazy life we’re living for anything! Here’s a hiking & shopping selfie from this week. Have a great weeek! XOXO

Thankful & Blessed

A Look at Our Week 

Our week was spent busy preparing for my family coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. We arrived home on Monday from our trip to Virginia Beach & Danville and stopped at the grocery store on our way into town to keep me on schedule as planned! I am a list maker and when I go off the plan I can’t quite function properly! Tuesday was the assigned cleaning day and Wednesday was reserved for food preparation. My family began arriving late Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday was pizza delivery for dinner (Yes, they actually do deliver out here!) I was up at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday beginning my cooking.

Thanksgiving was a huge hit! It was my first time hosting dinner and preparing everything by myself … And we didn’t starve! There were a few timing issues as I was not able to fit as many things in the oven as I had imagined and I believe the oven was getting slower and slower as the morning went on. I truly understood, I was beginning to drag as well. We ate early in the day so that we could eat again later in the evening! We split up the leftovers for everyone to take home with them on Friday morning and we ended up with very little left here, which was the plan!

The time with my family was great! We talked, played games, looked through scrapbooks and reminisced. The boys got up early Thursday and went on a 6 mile hike before eating. I can’t wait to do it all again!

Traveling Times

I’m off to Mom’s house again Monday. She has another doctor’s appointment with her foot doctor Monday afternoon. She is recovering well and has started driving now and is able to walk a little better while wearing the boot. She still has a lot of pain and swelling with her ankle/leg. Hoping it will all continue to improve.

The Great Outdoors

I have attempted to feed the birds since we moved in. I went through my first two bird feeders rather quickly. I had these hanging from a tree and some large bird and/or animal would dump all of the seed onto the ground and ended up knocking the feeders down from the tree repeatedly until they broke.

My next plan of action was to find a new place for the feeders where maybe animals couldn’t climb the tree and reach the feeders. I was really wanting a shepherd’s hook to put in the yard but did not find one the day I was out shopping. Instead I got a small hook that attached to the railing of the deck and the feeders hung off of the hook. I wasn’t very hopeful that this set up would be a winner. It would be too easy for an animal to sit on the railing and feast on the seed. Sure enough the first feeder I hung was emptied in the first day.

I then found a squirrel proof feeder that was enclosed in a cage and had a latch that latched down and was difficult for me to open/shut. One night last week I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard my guy coming back into bed. He had heard something outside and had gotten up to investigate. He said he was pretty sure whatever was making the noise had gotten my feeder. Sure enough the next morning I woke to see the below image. I was quite shocked that whatever the animal was (My guy said it looked orange, maybe a cat or fox?) could unlatch the feeder.


I have given up for now and put up the bird feeders. I am not quite ready to admit defeat just yet though.

Below is the view from our front porch this past week. There is a Christmas tree farm right across the street and they have been cutting the trees down to ship them out. It’s really cool to watch. I really wanted to grab one of those trees as the truck drove by!


‘Tis the Season

Being in this transition mode we are living in can be quite challenging at times. Christmas for instance is one of those times. I got rid of my artificial tree last year knowing we would be moving this year. I am not ready to purchase a new tree just yet since I do not know what my permanent home will end up needing. I had the bright idea (after gazing at Christmas trees across the street) of just getting a live tree this year. My guy pointed out we had no way to get a tree from the tree lot to our house. And when I solved that problem he pointed out I would have no way of disposing of the tree after Christmas either. Good points.

Before Thanksgiving I spoke with our landlord and asked about borrowing a table she has stored here. She quickly approved and told me I could use the Christmas tree they have stored here as well. She says it does her heart good to know her mom’s things are being used and she knew we didn’t move all of our belongings here when we moved. Problem solved! I had brought my ornaments from storage during our last trip to Danville.


I always get a bit nostalgic when I put up the tree. Cutler always picked out a new ornament every year of whatever character or thing he was into that year. His ornaments are always hung front, center, bottom part of the tree. When he was little he would sit in the floor and take the ornaments off the tree and play with them or rearrange them again and again. Thank goodness for super glue! As I hung the ornaments this year I couldn’t help but think it was about time to pack up the ornaments for Cutler. That was always the plan, he’d get an ornament each year and when he was grown I’d pass the ornaments to him to decorate his own tree. Hard to believe it’s that time already.

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week! Remember to stop and think about all you have to be thankful for each and everyday! No selfies with my guy this week, but here’s one with my boy from our Danville trip last week.  XOXO


Love is in the Air

A Look At Our Week

We’ve been out and about again this week but not too much activity to write about. Last weekend we did several seasonal events in our local area. These included a little shopping, viewing Christmas in the past at a state park with cookies & hot chocolate, & after arriving at one event a day early a lot more shopping in a nearby city! It was a beautiful fall day and we had a great day just enjoying being together.

Traveling Times

Thursday morning we were up early and off to the beach! Two great friends of ours were married on the beach Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day shared with their closest friends & family. Perfect in every way! So happy we could be there to share in their joy. It was a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones!

A quick stop in Danville on our way home tomorrow then it will be time to start preparing for our Thanksgiving festivities. My family will be joining us for dinner. It will be my first time preparing a full holiday meal solo. Hopefully we won’t starve!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for! XOXO

We Love Company!

A Look At Our Week

What a blur the last two weeks have been! No slowing down is in sight just yet, just gonna have to buckle up and enjoy the ride I guess!

We had more visitors last weekend! My guy’s brother and girlfriend came for the weekend and one of my guy’s old friends was in town for a football game so he stayed a night with us as well.

We attempted to show everyone this beautiful place we have fallen in love with, but with such a short time and so much activity planned it’s hard to fit everything in. My guy’s brother wasn’t quite as taken with the area as we are. In our defense, we didn’t show him the greatest areas around! Hiking was on our agenda and the route to some of our favorite hiking trails can sometimes resemble something out of Deliverance! If you listen carefully I swear you can hear the banjos! We will have to make sure that the next trip is more scenic!

Hiking Adventures

As I said, hiking was on our agenda with our visitors. They’ve heard my guy talking about these hiking trails and wanted to try them out.

We started our Saturday off at Lois’ yet again. When you can get her breakfast special (biscuits & gravy, egg, bacon) for $3.75 you go as often as you can! And when you walk through the door it’s just like walking into your grandma’s house!

After breakfast we were ready for our hike! We went about an hour away to Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. The best thing about these trails is the wild ponies!! Makes all that hiking and all those rocks worth it to see those ponies grazing! I had done this same hike before but was smaller and in much better shape the first time! It was rough! Lots of stops and breaks and catching my breath, but I did it!


The next morning we decided we weren’t done hiking! My guy’s brother was sure to request a flat trail this time (Grayson Highlands has lots of rocky trail.). We decided on a trail we have done together several times and my guy has done many times, Elk Knob in North Carolina.

I had problems completing this trail the last time we did it. Once we started that uphill climb this time I knew I wasn’t going to break any records. I was also determined not to make everyone else wait on me as I clung to each tree we passed gasping for air. I waved them on after my first stop and assured them I would be just fine. My guy doesn’t mind leaving me on this trail because it is very well marked and heavily visited. I took my time and made it to the halfway point. This is as far as I could go the last time. I was determined to go further, and I was feeling good so onward I climbed! I met up with the group just past the 1.50 marker of the 1.90 hike. My guy was quite shocked to see me. They were more than willing to go back to the top with me, but I insisted I was fine with not going up further and was proud I made it that far!


What’s For Dinner? 

Breakfast again! Sunday morning I fixed another big breakfast for everyone and tried out my sausage gravy making skills again. It turned out great again!

During our mid-week errands we were finally able to try a Thai restaurant that had been recommended. And wow! Who would’ve thought you could find amazing Thai food here in Deliverance Land!


Traveling Times

I traveled to my Mom’s week before last for her doctors appointment and they removed her cast and put her in a boot. She is still in a lot of pain and moving very slowly. She’s quite frustrated with her loss of independence and we are all hoping it returns soon.

Last Sunday we met a friend in Johnson City, TN. for dinner and some live music! Dinner was amazing and the music was enjoyable as well!


What was supposed to be a solo trip back to Danville  this week turned into a couples trip! As I was leaving Thursday afternoon, I quickly realized the gauges on my dashboard were not working! My guy is convinced I pulled a fuse out just to make sure he had to go with me. I made the trip worth his time by promising him dinner at our fave restaurant in town. We met a friend there for dinner and enjoyed catching up!


This week we’re off to Virginia Beach for a wedding!

Sappy Selfies

We had a picnic on our back deck after a busy morning of errands! Yummy subs and onion rings …. yup! The diet is going well here! Love the other selfie from our day out today! Living our best life here and loving every minute of it!


Have a great week! XOXOXO

Week of Visitors

A Look At Our Week

Well, I’ve chased those “wah-wahs” away! My week may not have gone as planned, but I did not let it get me down! I did great sticking to my cleanse diet for the first 2 1/2 days. Then we got word that one of my guy’s friends was coming to town and was going to stay with us for 2 nights. Yay! We love company! But company definitely means all bets are off on the diet, I do not have that kind of will power just yet! Maybe one day!

Our visitor arrived Wednesday evening and left on Friday morning. The visit was very nice! We stayed here Wednesday evening and allowed him a chance to decompress from his drive. Thursday we showed him around town, which of course meant breakfast at Lois’ and took a short hike on the A.T. That night we headed to Boone, N.C. for BBQ & Krispy Kreme!


We have been trying to work out a weekend for my sister & her husband to come visit. Between our schedule & their schedule it has been quite difficult! We realized that we were both free for the weekend so they came up Friday evening and spent the night. We headed back to Boone for dinner and then home for games and beverages. No hiking thanks to the rainy weather.

What’s for Dinner?

Since most of my dinners consisted of only veggies & fruits, I’ll share the big breakfast I fixed Saturday morning for my sis and brother-in-law. I made sausage gravy for the first time! We had eggs, bacon, sausage links, Canadian bacon, hash browns, biscuits, apple butter, sausage gravy, and fresh fruit. I skipped the pancakes I had planned!

Traveling Times

I’m off to moms again in the morning. She has a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully get her cast taken off and be put in a walking boot. We hope she will be back to her mobile self soon! Back home Tuesday evening and then more company coming for the weekend!

Hiking Adventures

Our A.T. hike with our visitor this week was a shortened version of a hike we have done before. The trees and leaves were beautiful during our hike! At least on this hike the funny story involves someone other than myself! Our friend decided to walk straight through the mud instead of scaling the barb wire fence like me and my guy did. He quickly began sinking and lost a shoe in the thick man-eating mud! Never a dull moment when you hike with me!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXO


Turkey Selfies too! From our backyard!


Time For a Change

A Look At Our Week

It has been what we refer to as a “Wah-Wah” week here at our house. My mood has been bleh! Anything my guy has said or done has been wrong, but he just keeps on saying and doing! It’s been one of those weeks where nothing has gone as planned. I blame it on feeling behind with my never ending to-do list. Our daily routine has been flipped upside down one too many times and I am craving normalcy and structure. Diet/weight/exercise are all in the blame box as well! Or my planets and stars are all misaligned in the Universe and need to line back up quickly!

I’m taking control back this week! I’m doing a crazy 7-day diet cleanse type thing starting tomorrow. And whenever I am seriously focused on my diet I stay extremely busy. So it should be a win-win by the end of the week. This 10 pounds I’ve played with all year might be gone and my to-do list all caught up! No plans or activities on our calendars for the next week so let’s do this!

Hiking Adventures

With the crazy week it was we did manage to do a hike together! It was short and easy and on one of my regular trails but it still counts! We were really looking forward to hiking in the fall here. It’s been a bit disappointing so far though! It’s almost as if the leaves skipped changing colors and just died and fell off of the trees. One day I will find time to research why the leaves are different from year to year.

I also did my normal walks and did the same trail mentioned above again solo. Now when I do this trail in the mornings, no one is ever there. Just me! So I enjoy singing while walking this trail. I figure this will also help scare away any animals that may be seeking me out. So, this day I’m doing my Gaga and lost in my thoughts and performance and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a truck parked on the trail just ahead of me. Now, I’m sure they had heard my singing! I quickly turned myself around and headed back the way I had came, quietly this time. I opted for laps around the parking lot to make up for the missed mileage!


Traveling Times

When you find out your niece is going to be in town from Memphis for one day (and this is the first time she’s been home since school started and won’t be back until Christmas!), you make a trip and go see her!

I spent Tuesday morning catching up with Mom while waiting for my girls to show up. We spent the afternoon catching up at Nana’s then went out with my sister’s family for dinner.  Then we had game night and I finally got to play Clue! And I won! It was a great day!

Saturday took us back to Danville for an orchestra concert. We spent the night in a neighboring town and met Cutler for breakfast Sunday morning before returning home.

House Hunting News

Yep! We’re still looking! Everyday! I’m sure this big item on my to-do list is contributing to my “wah-wah”-ness. I try not to get discouraged. My guy explains our situation quite well. We know what we want. We have a very clear picture of the house, land and view that we want. We are in no rush to move. We have a house that is perfectly fine and we are happy there. It makes sense to just wait it out and wait for the right thing to come along. Patience and all that. I know in the long run when one day we are in our ideal house, on our ideal lot, looking out at our ideal view, we’ll be happy we waited instead of settling for “almost”!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! Send positive thoughts our way that we both survive this week if the-focusing!!! (And a week with no Coke Zero?!?!?!?)

Weeks Fly By

A Look At Our Week

I spent last week with Mom again and returned home this past Monday. Mom had 2 doctor appointments last week which made it a very active week! She’s grown tired of my constant presence and is ready for her normal, independent life back! She had good reports from both doctors and is in a hard cast for 4 more weeks then will go to a walking boot. She is managing well, she has every piece of mobility equipment made I believe!

My uncle passed away while I was in town with Mom and we attended the funeral on Sunday. Funerals and death always take me back to when Dad passed away. At times it seems so long ago, but my memory of that last day are so crystal clear and strong as if it happened yesterday. My uncle’s service was beautiful and I sat in awe as my cousin stood and spoke at her Dad’s funeral. Not sure that I would have had that kind of strength, but I have no doubt if my Dad had requested it that I would have given it my best shot.

I returned home on Monday morning and we scheduled a quick date night to see A Star Is Born (go see it if you have not!) before we had to leave town yet again Tuesday morning for a quick day trip to Danville. We caught up with friends and Cutler and had a quick shopping trip at Target before returning home late Tuesday night.


Traveling Times

Friday morning we were back on the road again. Ohio bound this time. Every year my guy performs in Octubafest in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Chagrin Falls is such a charming town. It reminds me of the picturesque towns shown in movies and T.V. shows.

It was great seeing our Ohio friends and family and catching up with everyone!


Animal Happenings

All our cows were taken away this week! 😢 There were 24 female cows that will be used for breeding. They have been sold and will eventually transfer to their new home in Wyoming. I’m sure we looked like the stereotypical city folk as we sat on the front porch and watched in amazement as they loaded the cows onto 2 trailers.

Despite our initial issues, I am going to miss those cows! I have told my guy with all of the animals gone the house has lost a small fraction of its charm and I will be focusing on moving now. The cows owner and caretaker have assured us that, “They’ll be more.” So we will see!

Sappy Selfies

Have a great week!! XOXOXO

Enter a caption

Time with Mom

A Look At Our Week

Wow! I missed a week of blogging! Mom has kept me pretty busy these last 2 weeks and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! I’m home for the weekend but will return to Mom on Monday.

Mom had surgery, yet again, last Wednesday on her ankle. This time we are trying a bone fusion in hopes of allowing her to walk somewhat pain free. Parts of her ankle bones were removed and the bones screwed together. She will no longer be able to move her foot in an up/down motion but should recover and be able to move pain free with no limp. Over the next 6 to 8 weeks her bones will fuse together as they heal. In order for that to be successful, she has to stay off the foot and that is incredible difficult!


She is using a knee scooter to get around right now, which is causing her knee to swell from the extended use/weight being put on it. Create one problem to correct another! We have tried crutches but she just doesn’t have the strength to move herself very far. Her apartment is just too small/narrow for a wheelchair or scooter. Walkers will not work because she would have to hop on one foot with them and we have learned hopping is not her thing! It’s been an adventurous week and a half as she has created ways that maneuver herself.

I always say mom is not a good patient and I am not a good nurse. We are somehow surviving though. My sister (the good nurse) stops by everyday and will do the things I either didn’t think about doing or mom didn’t mention to me. I feed her and her daughter as a thank you! My brother is staying with her this weekend so I could take a break and come home. I go back Monday and will stay the week again. We are just not confident in leaving her by herself for extended periods of time just yet. She goes back to the doctor Monday for her first re-check.

Caring for your aging parents is hard. Seeing the roles reverse is sad and difficult. She is becoming the child and we are becoming the parents. Her stubbornness in doing exactly what she wants to do despite the consequences and damage she knows it can and will do is so very frustrating. We may not always handle these daily occurrences as we would like to, but we are trying. Trying to do what is best for her and give her whatever she may need just as she has always done for us.

Here in the mountains we do not have cable and do not get any channels with an antenna. That is completely fine with us. I watch  two or three TV shows regularly and will watch them online a week later or binge watch to catch up if needed. Any news we he comes from Facebook or other websites. Well, I have caught up on my TV watching while at moms! Everything from Kathie Lee & Hoda to Ellen to Dr. Phil to Wheel of Fortune! Oh and The Voice too! It is so easy to get sucked into that TV and I have realized I really don’t miss it! The background noise it provides is such a distraction to the other things I’d rather be focused on! It was nice to be able to watch the season premiere of Grey’s with my sister, niece and bro-in- law.

Also, I was able to go to my nephews high school football game. He is a beast and having a great season! Way to go Trey #44!


Hiking Adventures

Well, there has been no hiking for me the past week and a half! No walking either! Lots of ice cream sundaes and milkshakes though! I have promised myself I will do better next week and at least take my daily morning walk!

My guy usually fills the time when I’m away with hiking and last week he did one of the long, hard hikes he has been talking about for awhile. I was nervous!  Being so far away and scared he would slip and fall on one of the rickety ladders he was climbing up,  but he made it, well he completed most of the trail and had the good sense to stop when the trail became wet, slippery and dangerous. He is planning more hikes for this upcoming week.

What’s for Dinner? 

There’s been plenty of cooking going on at moms! Her appetite has definitely not gone away! We have had cubed steak with gravy, pork chops, pork tenderloin, stuffed green peppers, & broccoli cheddar soup. And cookies, she requested Bob’s special chocolate chip/peanut butter M&M’s cookies! But apparently I didn’t take time to take any pictures of any of these! I believe I will take my tomato that is ripe on the vine with me Monday and we will have a tomato sandwich maybe!

Sappy Selfies

Selfie with my mom and bro will have to do for this week! Off to spend the day with my awesome guy! Have a great week! XOXO


Time for a Getaway

A Look At Our Week

Our week was quite normal for a change! I focused on working and trying to reach my weekly goal as well as make up for the weeks I haven’t met my goal. I had some great files to transcribe this week and some not so great ones mixed in as well! I enjoy the many topics that I get to cover and the freedom of working where and when I want to!

I did my walks each day this week and added a trail with hills for two of those days. Staying home helped keep the diet in check although we did have one night out in Boone. I managed to be sensible and had a salad and passed on the amazing looking salted caramel (my fave!) cake they brought around! Of course my guy ended up at Krispy Kreme with the hot light shining! I stayed strong though, with only 1 glazed doughnut and a nibble off of his pumpkin spice and blueberry cake doughnuts. He went back for seconds!

Hiking Adventures

Last Sunday we went to one of our favorite trails that is nearby, Elk Knob. I’ve done it before and completed the trail. I won’t say with “no problem”, but I completed it. Not so much this time! I did manage to complete the hardest parts of it and make it to the halfway point before waving my guy on and promising to be careful on my way back down. I added a trail at the end that is flat with no hills to make up for it! It’s amaizng what a difference 10 pounds can make, but it is huge! Working hard to stay focused to get it off! I do not like feeling this way!

Traveling Times

Friday afternoon just as I was almost to my halfway point of my daily goal of work, my guy came into the room and suggested I take the rest of the day off and we go somewhere! I of course agreed, he even offered to pay me for half a days work, which I assured him wasn’t necessary. While I finished up my current job, he planned our get away. Before he could begin to think about the process of getting ready, I had changed and was packed and standing at the door ready to go!

We went to Asheville, N.C. for the night. There was a big state fair going in that we checked out. I even rode the chair lift from one end of the fair to the other. Opened my eyes for a little bit of the ride too! My guy was impressed with his front rower seat in the chair lift to see the human cannonball. Unfortunately, my eyes were closed during that.

After the fair we went to one of our favorite bars in town, Jack of the Wood. They were having a hurricane party with a mediocre live band.  The next morning we went to the outlets and huge farmers market before heading back home. It was a great quick getaway and just what I needed!

The sky was amazing that evening at the fair. The clouds were beautiful and swirling as we were on the outer bands of Florence.

What’s for Dinner?

Homemade vegetable soup is what’s for dinner! My guy always says my pots of soup are never big enough so this time I loaded up the veggies and cleaned out the fridge. We have had soup all week and still have some left. Love fall weather and homemade soup!


Sappy Selfies

Fair Selfies! Have a great week! Xoxo