Life Lessons

Learning life’s little lessons can be very difficult. At 41 years old, I find myself still learning these lessons. I have found it is even harder to watch your child learn these same lessons. Whenever he hurts, I hurt. Whether it’s a skinned knee, or bruised ego…it hurts.  Today’s life lesson has been: “Relationships Don’t Last Forever” Someone he thought was his friend has turned on him. Kids today can  be so very mean with their words and actions! It is hard as a mother, as a teacher, as an adult to watch as they tear each other down. My hope is always that my son can and will rise above the drama, that he will be the better person in situations such as this and not stoop down to other’s levels. And I hope that when he is faced with a similar circumstance he is able to stop and think and remember this feeling and not cause pain to others. I want him to be the kid that sees the underdog others make fun of, tear down and for him to be the one to befriend him and build him up instead.

I also want him to learn from these types of situations. Not to be like his mother! Learn from your experiences and change things so they do not happen again. Not to be afraid to walk away from a relationship/friendship when it is no longer going in the right directions. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, get away! Be strong and stand up for himself and what he knows and believes is right. To never hold anything back for fear of what others may think. I want him to be confident in himself and not let others have such an influence on that.

Everyday I see little parts of me that come out in him. Most of the time these things make me smile, to see the influence I have had on his personality. He is adopted, so nothing inherited from me, but his thoughts and actions can sometimes mimic mine exactly. For instance, he coped with todays hurt feelings by finding that perfect quote and posting it online. Something I have done too many times to count.

My first instinct was to let Mama Lion come roaring out. I held back and instead gave sage advice and lots of support. I will keep Mama Lion close by for awhile though, never know when she may be needed!